Type A personality

I was thinking the other day that every fibro sufferer I personally know is extremely intellectual, creative, or both. I was pondering over the connection when I ran across an article about FM sufferers having type A personalities. Just some food for thought.

Kristy, that’s interesting; I’d love to read that article!
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Hi Kristy, please share the link, I would love to read. Thanks and gentle hugs.


Yes, please share that link with us! I'm kinda curious about this :)


Sorry. Long day at work. Here’s the link.


Thanks, Kristy! Interesting read; some of which I have to admit is applicable to me.
Have a great week!
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The article is still there 6 years later, so I’ll have a go at it,
Having researched that that was an idea thought up by cardiologists in the 1950s and has since been put into perspective, the most relevant part of it to heart diseases is being short-tempered, impatient & competitive. I think the term has become very much misunderstood and vague. I didn’t know it before, so I’m not sure of this, but no-one’s tried to argue with me about it yet… In my blog I’m arguing that I turn out to be if at all a type B personality…
As I’ve written in this thread about highly sensitive persons and on my blog-entry linked above I’d much rather favour the idea that FM may come with HSP… , HSP being more established in psychology, whilst the a type personality isn’t.

Just found a thread with another similar connection: Introverted personalities
Same question tho: fundamental or acquired?