Will I have to live like this the rest of my life

I had to care for uncle john until he died in Nov. after that my fibro got worse. now I can hardly make up my bed or cook or even go to the store. I am also falling a lot. does anyone else fall a lot.

Cant sit up very long. The only thing I can take is hydrocodone.

Hello missyjoah,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I cared for my Mum until she died in 2006, I can totally empathise with you. Didn'yt have fibro then, if you did - massive admiration, and of course your fibro will have got worse, you can only stay strong for so long. Not falling a lot myself, I am sure there are other sufferers out there who do. Can you reach out to other family members, or friends to help you? I think you do need help, and I wish you so much , you need to ask for help.

Take care, Anne

Hi Missy,

Sorry to hear you have so much pain. Lots of gentle hugs.

I do not fall a lot but at times I feel my balance is off.

Hope you find help with family and friends.


Hi Missyjoah! I'm really sorry to hear that you are failing a lot. I do too and it usually seems to involve me and stairs. Not cool. Have you considered using a cane? I got a bunch of them, to coordinate with my outfit of the day so it feels a bit more like an accessory than a medical device. You can find some really cool ones o-line. I suggest using a cane because it's helped me numerous times when I 've almost toppled over.

Fibro is pretty hard on almost all of us. That doesn't mean that you won't get good days, because you will.

Sitting up is hard on me too. I need to lie down with my head propped up. That's because fibro seems to.affect us.in our backs.

For you, I suggest a lot of restful time where you get to sit down and take it easy as well as getting plenty of rest. I don't know about you but I fall more often when I'm tired and distracted. So be proactive and get a dose of sleep that helps you feel rested.

And just an idle thought...do you have sleep apnea? Or restless leg syndrome? A lot of us do and they interrupt our sleep, leaving us more tired, which leads to more falls. Just a thought to consider...do you need a sleep study done?

Hi missyjoah, I am sorry about your uncle, how special though for you to take care of him. Have you discussed the falling with your doctor? If not, I suggest you consider doing that. Also, have you ever tried mindfulness or relaxation exercises? Some people find them helpful (it doesn't work for everyone, just like there isn't a one size fits all treatment for Fibro). There is a mindfulness and relaxation group under the groups tab if you are interested. I also find hot baths with Epsom salt to be soothing. I sometimes use Salon Pas patches on particularly sore areas, it has some benefit at times. You can buy those at the store but please make sure your doctor is ok with it first. I also do gentle stretching every day, helps me with muscle movement I think. I second the idea of using a cane for stability if needed, better to be stable than fall. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs!

Sorry to hear of the passing of your uncle, as as someone who looked after both parents until their passing, I understand what stress it causes. Yes, I am super glad I did look after them, it was great way to give back. I do know the stress caused my such emotional challenges plays havoc with our fibro. I haven't had any falling issues so far, but have noticed my balance is off sometimes and I tend to walk into things a lot. Like Petunia girl said, being proactive with rest and making sure you have the correct supports like a cane or a railing to hang onto is great advice. And I do use relaxation techniques like Auburnm suggested as well as stretching. I find that when I am doing dishes or preparing dinner, my lower back tires, begins to spasm and then hurts terribly. I find that if I stretch my back it seems to relieve some of the pain. Then I go sit and rest for a bit before I can carry on. Although there are tough days, once I found some ways to help manage my symptoms I started having more good days. It is a bit of a balancing act to find the right meds and right activities that help manage your symptoms. It will come in time.

I hope you find some relief soon. I would love to hear how you are doing, so drop us a line. Hugs, ST.

I can’t imagine how you must feel. I find when I am stressed (family problems, work, illness) cause me to have pain. I do have good days. I am not experiencing falls. Please talk to your doctor.
Let us know how you do.

I have fallen a few times. It's usually a combination of my inner klutz and being in the wrong place at the right time. Although, if you want to get technical, being klutzy is caused by fibro! Fibro can screw with your balance and have all sorts of affects. Some days I have no issues, others, I find myself having to catch myself from falling over side ways from moving too fast or into the wall or multiple other items (including air a few times) that appear in my vicinity. Supposedly, balancing on one leg for 1-2 min improves balance and, as a cool little side bonus, helps stave off Alzheimer's!

I have a funked up hip so I've gotten very good at standing on one leg. I call it "flamingoing". You can see me doing it in my sister's wedding pictures. Picture it - beautiful bride, kinda cute groom, maid of honor in purple (so not my color) dress, perched on one leg, as vows of love flew through the air. It was touching. And apparently, good for my health!

I have always been a klutz. It's a family joke about how little balance I have. I would have my own hour on America's Funniest Videos just of me falling in various situations!

I don't fall, but I do stumble and trip over my feet when my legs hurt.

Hi Missyjoah,
I was wondering the same thing Petunia Girl brought up about using a cane.
I have used a cane for couple of years now and I know it has saved me from falling many many times. So if you are not using one, I would suggest that you at least try it. I also use a walker and a wheelchair to make myself more mobile. Before my fibromyalgia diagnosis I was a very busy person, and when I started to really spiral downhill with the Fibro, my husband suggested getting the walker and the wheel chair so I could get out and about by myself or with a friend. They also help with me being so unbalanced when walking. Hope some of this makes sense and helps.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Jackie S. (Donna)

Thanks for all of you answering me. I get awful lonesome just staying in the house all the time.. My daughter doesn't let

me go outside unless I call her. she is afraid I will fall. Also am a diabetic, and cant keep my sugar in control. I lost my

ability to drive about 10 yrs ago. my daughter was afraid my sugar would drop and I would wreck. so she took my car

away from me.

Get very depresses sometimes. all my so called friends doesn't ever call or visit. even the church has forsaken me. Guess when my money gave out then I didn't have any thing else to give them

Sorry I am not mad at them just don't understand.