Would like your opinion on going to the doc or not

Last week my fibro got super bad, worst possibly its ever been and it had been getting bad for a little while. I finally called and made an apt with what is to be my new GP (mine had to leave and I have to see her partner, whom I've never seen for my fibro) anyway I couldn't get in till next Thursday but I am feel a lot better, I even did a ton of cleaning and rearranged my dinning room. I'm wondering if you think I should cancel my apt or keep it to at least talk to him about it, I don't know if he is comfortable with handling me or if he wants to send me to a rhumy. Now, granted I'm still hurting but I think my meds are still working and everything, I guess it just broke through the meds and decided to test me. Thanks.

it sounds like u had a bad flare up but it could b an issue with your meds. i would keep the appt so u know if he is going to treat your fibro or not that way when u do have a problem again u will know if he will b able to help or not.

Thanks I think that’s what I plan to do.

Hi Rebecca,

I agree with Eeyoue, might as well meet them, even if you do go to a Rheum, you will need a General Practitioner, as a specialist will not want to treat you for anything but their field. It is also helpful if the new Doc can work well with you and the Rheum.

The new Doctor will know all about 'the good days and bad days' associated with FMS.

Wishing you good days,