Rhumatologist sending me to physio!

im not looking forward to this as i find it hard to go out , even a little walk and i suffer afterwards , bit of a drive to get there , (husband will drive) then a walk through the hospital and god knows what physio will do dredding the pain afterwards ,

Angie, I hope your trip to the Physio turns out well. Please let us kow what happened.

The physio will be very, very gentle. Almost childish like at times. Been to physio about 4 times now in the last 13 years and I did well with it, then when it was over, I was the way I was in the beginning. I find physio completely useless for fibro patients. Yes, it does get you out and about, but that is it. I won't say whether or not you will have any pain, but make sure to relax to the appointment and back home in the car. Be prepared with ice/heat packs, pain meds and any other things you use to make your pain decrease when you overdo normally at home.

Good luck and let us know how you do!

will do ty xx

You have every right to be worried. Maybe it will be good in the long run. I had hand and wrist surgery and the therapy made me sweaty and sick to my stomach but little by little it got easier. I wish the best for you and I know with this disease movement is key. Let us know how it goes.

It only helps me if all massage, but they make you do other things. I just about pass out on them so that stops that!

Hi Angie,

I TOTALLY agree with avenk that you need to interview the therapist and make sure she/he is familiar with fibro. You should also go with a list in mind (which may only have one item on it!) of what you want to accomplish in return for the work you put into PT. If your therapist hasn't worked with Fibro before, and doesn't seem to understand what you want to accomplish, fire them. But ask the supervisor if another therapist in their center is experienced at Fibromyalgia. You may have to wait to get a time slot, but it might be worth the wait.

BTW, I do an arthritis-oriented pool class at the YMCA when I'm not flaring too badly. I find it helps with maintaining flexibility, balance, and range-of-motion. These are all things I lose when I spend too much time sitting and lying in bed. Several years ago I had a really good therapist who recommended it, and also gave me a set of stretching exercises to do in the pool. It's worked out well so far.

Best of luck to you. Let us know how it goes.

Angie, I would be sure the therapist is familiar with fibro, I for sure understand your concerns. So nice your husband takes you , don’t do anything you are uncomfortable doing. We know our bodies way more than they do, but it sounds like you have to give it a shot. Warm pool therepy is about all I can Handel, even then if I stretch and do to much I hurt more, but I have been going every week for about 8 weeks and I do seem to have more energy, or I should say I seem to be able to do more than I was. The warm pool therepy is a PT who works with me in the pool, it’s a script from my dr, and I look so forword to it because when I’m in the water it feels so good, of course the temp is 94 degrees :slight_smile:
Blessing & hugs