Has anyone gone through physical therapy for your fibro?

I just started my PT today and they didn’t seem very nolageable about fibro. My doc had called and they said they were trained to work with fibro patients. He asked me all kinds of questions and both him and the other guy kinda looked confused that my leg and foot keep going numb. But they sent me home with an excersice/stretch that I have to do 10 - 20 every hour unless it gets worse. They told me my back might hurt more but to keep doing them unless my legs and back both hurt, but my back has been the worst of everything lately and I’m just hoping it doesn’t get too bad. Already my lower back is aching from it and if my mid back (my regular spot) starts up too I think I am gonna be screwed. I am still trying to stay postive, even though it doesn’t sound like it, and am giving this a chance to work and hopping like all get out that it does. I would like to know about your experiences if you would care to share. Many thanks.

Hi Rebecca's what hospital or physical therapy place are you going what city do you live or if you live in a city not big enough what's the nearest city I'm considering g physical tberpy but my hospital ft Madison community hospital have a very knowledgeable staff ive had aquatic and o cupatiobal therapy I wont second guess them I personally know the department head how long have you been taking therapy abet else have you tried suzyq

Three separate times. Each time the pain became excruciating. It's also where I picked up the bursistis. I can't say that my experience would be the same as yours but I will say that if the pain is beyond reasonable that maybe it's time to talk to them. They kept telling me I had to strengthen my core muscles and gave me exercises that killed my back for days and days, along with my buttock. Never go any better, only worse. I'm delivering meals now and find that going up and down stairs has strengthened my core muscles much better and with a lot less pain. Again, don't know if this will relate to your experience at all. I just hope it works for you and you have lessening of pain.


I went through PT last summer and was told the therapists were familiar with fibro. In my opinion the physical therapists had unrealistic expectations and made demands which I couldn’t meet. After one session, I would be in bed for two days and then the cycle would repeat. (was going two or three times a week). I tried both aquatic and land therapy. I was using a very large physical therapy group which has multiple offices throughout a major city. (just to give some perspective) I actually tried several of their offices and could not find a PT that knew much if anything about fibromyalgia. I hope your experience gets better and that you have more luck than I did-
(sorry to sound so negative, but I want to be honest - I really hope your experience is better than mine)


PS if they start to offer “dry needling” I would highly recommend that you turn this down. It is extremely painful. They stick a needle in the tender spots of knotted muscle and it feels like they are mixing up your muscle fiber. I almost threw up from the pain.

Hi Rebecca,

I have had PT 3 times in my life. The first was after an accident ( onset of FM) and the relief was temporary and inconsistent. One therapist was gentle and seemed to know what type of pressure to use while the other (at the same office) seemed to aggravate it because she used too much pressure. In addition to that they gave me exercises that made it worse. I switched PT and the second office was much better. They seemed a little more knowledgeable. The exercises were gentler. They did indicate that the instructions were from my doctor so it may have been a case where as I told my doctor more the better he was able to prescribe the therapy.

The third time was years later for neck and arm pain and the therapy seemed totally useless so I stopped.

Thanks everyone. I greatly appreciate your honesty. I'm wondering if PT is a good thing for fibro paitents at all. The excersice they have me doing has my back hurting really bad and not even in my normal spot. I have another apt for friday and its down for half an hour, which most of them seem to be from what i overheard, and I am wondering just how hands on these people really are if they only book half hour apts. At leaast the old one I went to seemd hands on. I will try to stick it out for as long as I can. I will try to keep you all updated. Thanks again.