Physical Therapy

I've seen physical therapy mentioned on the site. What exactly does that entail? I've never had a doctor suggest that and I've had fibro for 6 years. They have mentioned water therapy but nothing else.

Water therapy is the best and that is a form of physical therapy. Also light band or weight excersizes. When I actually saw a physical therapist he did some massages and then showed dif light excersizes I could do to stretch and strengthen muscles and advised to also seek out water therapy. Hope this helps you. ((Gentle hugs))

I go to our community center and take a fibro/artritis class. The pool is not heated but they do have a jaquzzi as well. I do the class…walk the lazy river and then end in the hot tub. I also go to Oceans of Fun…none heated water but from u moving around you will get warm. Def always end with a hot shower or bath to help with the soreness, but let’s face it, we are gonna be sore regardless. Might as well be doing things that make you feel really good in the process :slight_smile: Best of luck to you.

I'm newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I had 12 sessions of physical therapy which entailed 20 minutes of heat therapy followed by a light massage of icy-gel, then about 5-10 minutes of hand machine exercises. Plus I was given a bunch of exercises to do on my own at home, which consist of stretches and wall push ups, and exercises for the collarbone.

I am in PT at present, which was initially for post surgical toe pain. However, wearing a post-op shoe for 4-6 wks altered my gait and caused increased pain, which was difficult to get anyone to understand! I have hip/leg stretches and lower leg stretches w/a towel and other stretches....most of which they give you to do at home. Water therapy is an option. I am learning to literally walk again properly and do steps, etc that people w/o fibro can't understand how something "so simple" can significantly impact our well=being. I can only do PT twice a week for an hour and then need rest and the day after to recover!! Also learn about body mechanics (I am w/"proper" lifting) that I thought I knew, that do help me, esp with two grandbabies!!

As ariestlt said, each person is different! And to start out slow with whatever form you choose to pursue!!! Prayers and blessings and gentle hugs!! Bonita