Zanaflex/ Tizanidine

Simple, quick and easy question. Who here takes Zanaflex and what’s your experiance with it?

I forgot last mo to get my refill, refills from the doc. 8 mg’s. A night. Usually he gives me 2mo refills on them well when I went I completely fibrofogged it and forgot to request it. Well if I was able to get to sleep I would sleep pretty darn good while not on it. But I noticed apt on the 23rd that my “insomnia” had returned. See I take my zanaflex, about 45 mins later I get a little sleepy. And if no one bothers me I sleep for about an hour to two hours and then I wake up and I am wide friggin awake with no recourse to get back to sleep. but if I don’t sleep right when it kicks in I am sol there was no sense in taking it in the first place. Ugh

So what’s your experience with Zanaflex/ Tizanidine

Hi Punkin,

Sorry I have never taken either, but relate to the sleeplessness, broken sleep, most pain related. My diagnosis has gone past FMS, although I still have it. My GP gave me Alprozalam to loosen my muscles and help me sleep, the Rheum said he would rather I take Valium, that it stays in the system longer.

Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not! It is an alternative to narcotics for me.

I hope someone can be of help to you. Perhaps you can mention this to your Doc, see if he has anything else up his sleeve!

Hope you sleep tight!