6 hour naps

Latley i have been having trouble sleeping at night. either i toss and turn or wake up many times. i seem to sleep off and on but not all night. well today we had rain and tornado watches and just a crappy day. i felt horriable between pain and allergies. i stayed awake till the warnings passed then layed down for a nap. well i laid down at 3pm and woke up at 9:30pm.

this is not the first time. i have no idea why this is happening over and over. i seem to b doing this about twice a week. part of me is glad because i seem to be going into a really deep sleep when this happens. but then its like i keep waking when i should b getting ready 4 bed.

could my body still be recovering from broncitus that started 3 weeks ago or is it just because of not getting a good nights sleep night after night. i have been having new pains that r really hurting alot right now.

i was wondering if any one else lays down for a "nap" but just sleeps the day away instead. i welcome any advice. thanks


We all know the that tune by heart, the 6 hours, IF you are lucky! I may sleep 3 hours, or 16 hours, ya just never know! You may want to try that new nyquil for sleep, but ask your Doc first. Hope you can also get rid of the headaches!

You surely could still be recovering from bronchitis, it takes us a while!

Feel better soon!

thank you i will check into the nyquil. i know i can take the cold/flu one but i think the sleep one has differnt ingredients.

I have those kind of sleeping problems too. I noticed though, if I work a 8 hr shift I come home and pass out within an hour (around 5 or 6) and won’t wake until the next morning. But I don’t get enough sleep on a nightly basis. I have back and shoulder pain daily so its kina hard to find a comfortable position to lay in long enough to fall asleep. But my sleep schedule is all messed up. So if you find a remedy please share cause I could use any advice as well.

It’s nice to know I am not alone. So sorry for you that your pains stop u from falling asleep. Have u tried putting a large heating pad under your shoulder. I have a king size one and it helps a lot with shoulder piano cause it provides heat all across your shoulder area at one time.

I don’t have a king sized one but I have one on it now. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t due to the awkward way I have to lay with it. I’m a weird sleeper lol so some positions just aren’t for me. But I will invest in a bigger heating pad and try it

Yep, when my pain is off the charts (like today) I sleep all afternoon. A good sleep too. Cruddy sleep at night. I think lack of good nightly sleep plus pain does this to us. Also I just read an article that says some fibro people have issues with electromagnetic fields...so maybe the weather that brought about the tornado warnings messed with your body/sleep pattern too.

Don't worry about it, just take the sleep cause you need it. Hope you get the SSDI approved soon!