OMG! Please stop hurting long enough to fall asleep. Over 24 hrs I have been up and hurting. Meds suck, I have run out of ideas.....tried everything somethings twice. I am alone and hurting. I need relief, I need someone close to me to understand. This really blows. Sorry just venting and screaming.

have u tried taking a hot shower or bath? it may help soothe your body long enough for you to get some sleep.

Yes on 3rd bath :( I have a heating pad on my back now, I have burnt out 4 of them already in 6 months. I feel like I am being split in half

Wendy, So sorry you are hurting so bad, I can relate. I take a hot bath and than get under a heating blanket and it does help me most of the time. Don't be sorry for venting you are aloud here...We all understand what you are going through and please remember we are here for you. Hope you get some sleep soon. Gentle Hugs coming your way, Robin

No sleep again 3hrs that is it. Now there is jackhammers outside my window....I am hurting, now my head hurts, I am tired and emotional...omg does this ever get better.

i am dying head hurts, my back hurts, no one wants to talk, I am falling apart. I just want to give up and make everything go away. Earplugs are not working my ears are hurting. I hate it here.

Hi, a little, I only got 4 hrs of sleep. I am so exhausted. It is so frustrating esp. trying to do it all alone. No worries, I understand everyone has things to tend to

Understand what your going through. I seem to get a few hours of broken sleep one night and up the next one. I am so tired all of the time anymore. Even with sleeping pills or a valium at night I am back up by 2 or 3. Ever since I had a kidney infection and gotten over it, all I do is seem to have to go to the bathroom all of the time. So I am either waking uo to pee or waking up from the pain, sleep seems to be hard to come by.

yes completely impossible right now, I have been up over 72hrs and only had 4hrs total

I drink sleepy time tea every night, along with my Lorazapam and tiny piece of ambien, I do wake 2-3 x sometimes more restless than others, but that combo usually helps. When it real bad I add a muscle relaxer and I have a app on my I phone that is a relaxation type thin I listen to
Hope you can get some sleep

Yeah I have Ambian, and muscle relaxors and pain killers going on almost 86 hrs with only 5 hrs of sleep, this is pretty bad this time....I hope it breaks soon too