Has anyone had any luck with acupuncture relieving pain from fibro? I tried it once for restless legs, but then was in so much pain from where the needles had been that I've never gone back. The needles didn't hurt during the session.

Could it be a better outcome if I told them I wanted treatment for pain relief? Anyone with better experiences?

My old physical therapist did acupuncture and it helped he has moved now I go to a chriropractor and she is very helpful. Aqua therapy has really helped I wished I had known about it years ago.

Sounds like maybe the acupuncturist you had didn't do such a good job. That is too bad. I love acupuncture. I have seen 4 different ones in the last 10 years or so. They all practice differently. It's so odd, but I think their educations are quite varied depending on their values in chinese medicine.

My most recent acupuncturist does so much more than just needling. She does 15 minutes of gentle massage on the area(s) bothering me, uses wonderful therapeutic oils and she also does the chinese herb medicines, which I have never tried. I love her. I like to go on a day when I don't have anything going on after my appointment. It's good to be able to just "chill" afterward. I think it really helps with the effectiveness. Getting the pain and fatigue under control is so good for us, even if it's just for a couple of days. I have to go regularly if I'm in a flare and trying to get it in control. I even went to her when I had shingles. She was phenomenal. I was being treated with drugs from my MD, but Wanda helped with the pain and effectiveness of the meds.

It could be that you will be one that it doesn't work well for. But, I hope it does work for you because it can be so good.