And the doc says

She thinks she can manage my pain through acupuncture, adjustments and soft tissue work without the use of narcotics!!! I'm very excited about this. I will go in for my first treatment on Thursday. I'm also kind of nervous. Never done anything like this before. Hmmm.....

I would love input on what it feels like or anything from anybody that has tried it.


Gentle hugs and good night all!!!


I had back adjustments that did help the pain I had back then, but I was always throwing my back out of whack again. I think core strengthening is sometimes needed and I couldn't do the physical therapy (hurt, never helped.) I know that others on this site do get help from chiropractors.

I'm happy for you and hope you'll share your results with us. I especially would love to hear how the accupuncture works.

Wishing you the very best, fibroducky!

Acupuncuture and Chiropractics are great, and if that is all you need to do for pain, it will be all the better for you!