Advice for everyone if open to it

Hello everyone’s, some one blessed me with and add that tells if some herbs that help Fibro effects naturally. Now some or all might have heard about these already or at least some of it. I’ll throw what I remember out there and you can do whatever you wish with the info. One that I purchased is cayene pepper. Love it! Tastes good on food I found it in the spice section at tge store . It suppose to help headaches including migraines and muscle pain.:slight_smile: If used regularly. Couple others are Passion flower and ginseng. You can look up the benefits if your interested.

Thank you;) yeah, I found out that a lot of herbs rant safe while breast feeding. I think cayenne pepper is ok though.

hi all.

we like herbs as well but they, just as meds have interactions and side effects so it is always good to check all things out indeed. as far as cayenne, i caution everyone to be careful with this one. it is from red hot chili peppers.. I am very familiar with many of the varieties of hot chili peppers since i am 28 years married to a mexican. lol



Hello your husband is Mexican mine is spanish as well. He’s from Honduras.

NICE!!! Thanks for sharing. Gives me hope anyway that one of those dayz or weeks might be in my future. :o)