need help, its regarding my medical leaves
What can i provide to make aware of discrimination towards my health, my family status

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It really can depend on who you feel is being discriminatory towards you. For example, in a workplace there are often rules and policies regarding discrimination. In some cases, there may also be laws which are being breached. I’m in Australia and here we have an antidiscrimination act and an antidiscrimination commissioner. Any workplace/employer found to be in breach can find themselves in some serious legal hot water, with financial penalties.

Outside of a formal work environment, trying to get others to comprehend, that can be a battle. For many of us with rare conditions, trying to get others to understand is near on impossible. I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard the line “…But you look okay…”, what others can see is only a micron of what I’m trying to manage, and I’ve often said 'Sometimes I think it would be easier if I’d lost a limb, at least then others would be able to see my impairment, see the impact…". Honestly, they have no clue.

I have tried to educate some people, but with some you can see their eyes glaze over. They have no comprehension whatsoever, education of those types is impossible (I know 'cos I’ve tried) and even some medicos fall into this category. Some people think they know all about it, but living it and knowing the information are 2 totally different things and discrimination can be VERY common.

If you could maybe expand on who and what type of discrimination you are talking about there maybe some specific resources others maybe able to give you some more refined direction with.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Hello Evetech! Thank you for reaching out to your Ben’s friend’s community. Like Merl had mentioned, it would be helpful if you told us a little more about what is going on. I can’t remember when I first joined Ben’s Friend’s. But, it’s been a few years, I think. My point is in all those years, I’ve never felt unsafe about having what I posted. There are guidelines to follow to keep this site safe. I’m sure you’ll find many of us have faced discrimination in one way or another. We want to help you. :slightly_smiling_face: Freedom