Annoying Neighbor

So I have this neighbor who I've chatted with a few times and is a nice person. A few ago prior to waiting for my Dad to pick me up to take me to the emergency room ( I was having abdominal tenderness along with severe hip and back pain) I was sitting in my garage waiting formy dad. Well he sees me and pulls in my driveway and gets out to first of...Say that I never answer my door. I have told him numerous times that i am on my computer in my room upstairs and typically run a fan. So while waiting for my Dad he proceeds to ask me all my symptoms and has the nerve to point to his head as though my symptoms are in my head - like he has any clue - I am nice and he leaves requesting that I need to call him to let him know everything is ok. I really don't know this guy that well. All went well at the hospital - turned out it was the pain radiating from my hips that was making my abdominal area feel tender. I never called him because I really don't think it's any of his business. So now - he is coming by and ringing my doorbell numerous times and I feel like I can't even open my blinds or leave my house In fear he will corner me. How do I politely tell this guy to leave me alone! I won't even BBQ my food in fear he will see me and come over. UGH. I'm in a lot of pain today and afraid to attempt to cook myself dinner in fear he will see me. Gosh I'm feeling like a prisoner in my own home.

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Boy, you just can't catch a break, KVH.

If it were me, I'd put tape over the bell, plus a sign that says, "bell broken." Then turn music WAY up so he can tell that you can't hear him.

Then ask your dad if he has a friend who can come around pretending to be your boyfriend. Have him come around at least once a week. Get the idea thru this stalker's head that you AREN'T available so he'll move on to someone else.

Or else you could also tell him that you play for the other team. Any way possible to get him to lose interest ASAP.

So sorry you're going thru this when you're just trying to heal from your former situation.

I’m at the point where i am just gonna tell him to mind his own business. He rings my doorbell like 6 times. Go away DUDE! It’s making me feel secluded in my own house.

And just got a call from my son away at college and he tells me I need to exercise. I give up.

That's creepy. I hope he takes the hint. Otherwise, if I were you, I'd seriously consider the fake boyfriend scenario.

And my college kid just told me I eat too much. Ah, the "wisdom" of the youth.

Kids! My son thinks all my alignments are my own doing. Grrrr

Next time he comes by I may have to be rude.

Gotta be the food. Lol. I eat very healthy and have just lost about 17lbs so he can’t throw that in my plate.

Wow that’s freaky, do you live alone ? I had the same experience with this kid ( I say kid because he’s only 21) anyway he lives around the block & I am friends with his mother. He has a long history of mental illness, last summer, he kept showing up, every time I was in my back yard, if I had my front door open & even when he just saw my car, at first I would talk to him, but it got really annoying, I finally had to get harsh with him, he kept ringing my bell, I got really angry opened the door ( always made sure the screen was locked) and yelled at him to not stop over unless he sees my sons car.
Perhaps a police threat will keep him away, what a jerk !!! Next time he ask you why you don’t open your door tell him you only open your door to talk with people you WANT to talk to. That makes me so mad that he pointed to his head, I like Petunias ideas lol
My son also is away at school, I hate being alone at night, but your son sounds like mine, he doesn’t tell me to exercise, but he does tell me I need to get back to work, wow there so understanding . Hope you feel better

I just went out to water my plants and saw him come out with his dog so i went into my garage and closed it. Shoot. I didn’t water all my plants. I think he means well but I just really don’t want to deal with him right now. hate to be mean but I may have to. Plus he is one of those people that talk to you about 3 inches from your face. Ugh. I may get kicked out of the place I am renting so that would solve it. Lol. I am drowning financially. Maybe a blessing in disguise. Oh gosh I never figured life would be like this at my age.

Dear KVH,

I have had this at one time in my life and I finally sternly told him to 'BACK OFF', and loudly closed the door on him! It worked! Sometimes you just can't be nice!

Hope that does the trick!



BTW, keep a can of wasp spray around!