Anti-Inflammatory Diet to reduce pain and inflamation

I know alot of you have several different conditions that all cause pain and inflamation. I thought I would put a few simple websites on the board that explain the anti-inflamatory type diet and foods that help reduce inflamation. I've been using this approach for about four years and it has made a major difference in reducing my pain levels and reduce my need to use rx medicines.

Hi allergic,

I acutally did this for about a year before I even had a Fibro dx. It is a tough adjust unless you are intolerant to foods, like gluten intolerant. It has taught me to watch my nightshades. I seem to have more of a reaction to the nightshades than gluten or grain fed meats.

Really, I think it is how your body reacts to foods, if you can tell the difference. I know that adding Spectrazyme has help me to digest all foods better, something the DC recommended when I had my GB out.

This is good info. Thanks for sharing it!