Any helpful hints?

So I just recently was told by my Dr that I have FM. He is very particular about prescribing pain medication (which kind of sucks because of the constant daily pain I am in), but he did start me on Lyrica which I'm not sure is helping. I have very bad insomnia and take Ambien to try and help (not always able to sleep even with taking the Ambien), the first night the Lyrica seemed to knock me out and had a amazing night of sleep for once. Now not so much. I'm trying to find any over the counter stuff to help relieve some of the pain since so far no prescription has really helped. Any suggestions that anyone has tried that seem to work on pain relief? Also found something on the internet called FibroResponse, been taking it about a week or so and haven't really seen any difference.

Well, my rheumy said to me bluntly that unfortunately there is no pain med that really helps for fibro. (Big frownie face inserted here.) Lyrica helps take the edge off of it for me, on some days. Ibuprofin is the only other thing I've found to help. And ice. Lots of screaming and moaning. (Insert another big frownie face.) Some others find relief with pain meds; hopefully they can better direct you. I'm sorry that my advice isn't better than it is.

Any advice is better then none. Still trying to find ways to treat all the different symptoms I have. This weekend was a bad one for me, super painful and couldn't stay awake no matter how many naps I took!! Thank you for your advice, I'll keep trying with the ibu and hopefully at my next appointment my doc and I can either up my Lyrica or find something else that helps a little!

Have you tried using D-Ribose powder? I had some really good improvement while I was taking it the first time. I stopped using it because I just couldn't afford to pay for that and other products that I needed to take, but I would use it again. It helped my pain level go down and I seemed to have more energy. Aquatherapy helped me while I was doing it too. Unfortunately, I was too sensitive to the chlorine in the pool.

Just be sure to check with your doc before using this to make sure of no interactions. Sounds like a good supplement!

Thank you Petunia !! I totally forgot to give warning about checking with the doctor first! I always check with the doctors first cause you never know, it might not be appropriate for you.

thank you both so much!!