Any one are have positive result with turmeric ,ginger or acupuncture? extremely interesting

if yes how mach turmeric per day ?


saline shot for trigger point in pain clinic ?

Hello Pravda,

Have not heard of these different ways of managing Fibro. Shall watch this post with interest.

Take care, Anne

I have had really positive experiences with accunture and having a little bit of salt every couple of hours in the long run seems to help. ginger compresses are good for localised pain too :-)

"having a little bit of salt every couple of hours"?what do u mean?

Well you mentioned saline shot and I just assumed you were talking about how having a higher sodium diet apparently naturally helps with pain. as I've been told by a couple of doctors. although its never been explained why. But I have been told to have a little bit of salt every couple of hours to get more sodium into ones diet

I know, I know I sound like a scratched CD, however it is VERY IMPORTANT that you consult with your MD, before you start using yourself as a test subject!!! & !!!

I make myself fresh ginger tea daily (a coffee potful) Ginger is a natural way of reducing inflammation inside the body. How much depends on how bad you are feeling & how much you like the taste of ginger. If you don't like the taste of ginger, you can add a stick of cinn (don't use grnd cinn), or I use grnd cloves, nutmeg, allspice, sweet basil.... If I can find fresh ginger in my little neck of the woods, then most should be able also. I buy 1lb/mo, a pound usu costs me $4.79. When I get home I give the root a "bath" with white vinegar & my hands, I don't peel the ginger. I have learned, using myself as the test subject, that slicing the ginger as thinly as possible before adding it to the pot infuses the ginger into the hot water. Ummmm, I use 4 decaffeinated green tea bags along with the ginger.

I only use turmeric when I make mexican food, chili, enchiladas, tacos.....& if it is just me eating the food (I add at least 1Tbs) or many (2tsp).

Celery is also an excellent food that reduces inflammation. The hard part of celery tea is that it doesn't taste very good unless I added homemade chicken soup. But I have found a better way of making it taste better, I slice up an entire group of celery use as little water as possible (again in my coffee pot), let it cool & add the tea to a jug of tomato juice, yummmmmm!!!

I have 2 medicinal herbal books. M

About turmeric, anyone considering it should give this a read:

Low oral bioavailability (meaning you won't absorb much from what you consume), and if that is overcome, there can be a high potential for toxicity, especially if you are on other meds.

Hi All -- Turmeric supplements have been a very positive addition to my overall drug/supplement regime. I have also added triphala, an ayurvedic GI supplement made of three Indian flowers and find it useful as well in addressing overall GI yuck that seemed to come along with my fibro. I added these in consultation with my pain doc (which IMHO we should all do whenever trying anything new or different).