Anyone else have Shingles multiple times?

I can tell that Shingles are returning for the 4th time. Anyone else have this problem and do you think it could be related to fibro?

I’m about to start a dose of antiviral meds for the next 7 days. Always returns on the right side of my body and feels like little needles sticking me over and over.

I am so sorry you are suffering. Shingles has to be one of the worst pains of mankind.

Many researchers believe that the Herpes Family in general may be a major cause of Fibromyalgia pain.

The pests don't just die and leave the body when you have these Viruses but instead live in the nervous sytem only to pop out again and cause trauma. I am not sure that we ever put them totally down.

The darn varicella (chicken pox ones) live in the spinal column nerve cells just hibernating there until its party time again! When it wakes up it migrates from the spinal cord down through the long filament or axon of a nerve.

The Herpes virus as I understand it is a 7 day virus but Postherpetic neuralgia pain can last for many months, years, or decades. I am not sure ours is ever put down. Thus we have drugs like Lyrica that state on TV "it is believed that Fibromyalgia is a result of overactive nerves" - which Lyrica may help in some people as well as diabetic neuropathy.

Some doctors believe that "Fibromyalgia with diffusely sore, sensitive muscles can be one result of post herpetic neuralgia pain-causing allodynia." That explaination works for me and sure makes sense.

I learned one way NOT get them to return is absolutely NO CITRUS.

I even had Herpes Fever Blisters 1 in my eye. After eating citrus. I could have gone blind.

Without that fruit, I do not have outbreaks.

I read many times that Lysine can change the habits of the Herpes Viruses. I began taking 1,000 Lysine a day when I even felt more nerve pain coming on. It works for me!

I often feel like a walking condominium with sqatters inside. The more I study, the more I learn, the more they stop having free rent !

Hope your drugs work quick and the pain is not too horrible.. hugs. HOP/ Cheryl

Thank you for the info! Where do you get the lysine? I am going to look on Amazon. Any particular brand which is supposed to be better?