Is this fibro? Or something else?

This last week it looked like I got a load of instect bites or something. They appeared on my face and then it hit my hands. The palms. It felt like these "bites" got in my blood or something and they swelled right up then the redness spread up my wrists. Then it felt like they were on fire.

It happened pretty quick so I phoned the docs to ask what it is and they left me a prescription for antibiotics in reception for me. It cleared up after a few days but I can't make sense of it.

Our fellow fibro mate Nutty Nikki said that she gets this in her feet sometimes and we're both confused as to what it is. Is it the same thing or something else?

So I decided to ask the experts, if you could help us out please guys. Has anyone else had this? Is it fibro? Or something else? Any info would be great

Jo xx

Jo, I sometimes feel like my blood is boiling in my hands and arms. I always thought it was fibro related but now you got me thinking...Ill be watching for an answer to. Hope your feeling better, Gentle hugs coming your way...

Possibly a type of psoriasis? It can present as red dots. You might want to look at the various types of psoriasis and see if any of them match what you are describing.

No it's good to ask. I haven't personally. Just this weird skin and hand thing. It flipping hurt!!

Thanks for your reply. It's always good to check with you guys on here before bothering the doctor lol

Yes we have some weird symptoms don't we. Almost like a new one every few months. Sometimes they freak us out but we have to know what it is incase it's not the fibro.

I'm much better now thanks.

Gentle hugs back to you too Robin!!

Thanks Petunia,

I will check it out. I was looking at lyme disease and lupus earlier because a few people here have them too, but I'm not sure. It's all a bit confusing at times isn't it.

Good thinking there Petunia. You always come through don't you, bless ya


Also, was thinking of a few other possibilities:

I had a weird redish rash under my breasts. Bumps that eventually coalesced into one angry spot. It' a YEAST infection. Yup, you can get yest infections there. Doubt this is it but thought I'd toss it out there.

Anther possibility: Heat rash? Summer makes your skin temporarily do weird things like this. Again, prob. not this.

Red ants? Spider bites? Spiders can get into your clothes if you hang em out to dry. Probably not if you have a bunch of them. Did you get stung and not realize it?

Last, but not least:

Shingles? Just saw an ad for it. Red insect looking bites on someone's neck, in this case. If you've had chickenpox you can get shingles. You're probably too young tho.

Really does sound like it's time for a doc visit, my dear!

Awwww Jo, so sorry you are going through this. I don’t have any ideas for you but I hope it clears up. Hugs, MB

Thanks for your ideas Petunia.

It sounds like its not fibro then, so I hope it was just a one off. We get some weird stuff going on with our bodies don't we and I usually put everything down to fibro now. I will get my chubby backside to the docs if it happens again.

Thanks MB,

It's only minor really, and cleared up now. Hopefully it won't happen again. It was just so weird and tbh it did burn like mutha on the palms. I had to sleep (when I could) with my hands out the bed on something cold lol.

Hugs and prayers,


I think this sounds like shingles and if this is the case, you need to see the doc right away. Giving antibiotics to someone with shingles is not a good idea unless there is a bacterial infection on top of the shingles. Shingles on the face is dangerous. if you do not know about shingles, it is a virus that comes from having chicken pox. After the chicken pox resolves, it remains as a virus in your body but not active. If it gets re activated, it comes out as shingles. the virus lives on our nerves and come to the surface of a nerve when active. If they are on your face they are coming from the nerves that control the face. Problem is that if it is the nerves on the upper part of the face, these are the same nerves that control vision. Does that make sense? You do not want a virus in the nerves that control vision as there is potential to lose your site if not treated correctly (which is high doses of steroids)

I do not mean to scare you, but the description of the "bites" having a burning feeling is what a shingles patient would say. PLEASE BE SEEN SOON.


Yes I just looked it up. It sounds like it could be that. Does it come and go then? I guess if it is shingles it will come back at some point and then I can show it to the doc. So not everything is fibro. Lol to the disclaimer.

Thanks Jillian!

Wow, thats a bit worrying Maria.

Thanks for the info though. I really appeciate it. It's cleared up now so I hope it doesn't come back. If / when it does, I will go straight down to the docs. Yeah I had them on my cheeks and nose and jaw line as well as the hands so I don't want to risk any problem with eyes. I want to know where the chocolate and cake is!! lol.

Thanks Maria, you've been a great help!


That would be my first worry as well!! One thing we do not have to give up, unless your belly looks like mine!

Nope never give up!! It's illegal! lol

I was gonna come back and urge you to ask the doctor what you'd had but I see that Fibrokitty has already spoken. She's such a great asset for us and we're blessed to have her here.

I'm wondering if the issue is resolved if it's shingles. Is the virus still actively working? Fibrokitty might know. I'd still recommend talking to your doctor about this one.

Hey Petunia...I so appreciate your kind words. You know that i was a physician assistant for some 10 years and had to stop because of my rheumatoid. Giving any advise I can to help us all with these illnesses has been a blessing for me. I tend to feel useless sometimes with all this education and not able to work. But God is good and gives me this site and some others.

I wonder if you ever did any cognitive behavioral therapy to deal with the emotions of chronic illness. Have you ever seen or heard of this? I can tell u about it if you want. Also, a book called, "Chronic illness and the 12 steps" by Martha Cleveland has been a great help

God Bless u


I didn't see the doc. They just left a prescription in reception. So I haven't been told what it is. If it happens again I'll go straight to the docs because now I know its not fibro. Shingles doesn't sound very nice but if I know what it is I can do something about it. I'm getting the same earache I had before it happened before so I'm swondering if it will come back again now. Will have to wait and see.

Thanks my lovelies!

Hi Carenb: I have looked up boils and have information for you if this helps....


And also under Could fibro cause Boils- Here's another link to review and see if it relates to your concern:


Dear Jo,

If you cannot get to the Doc right away for him to see this, then take a picture! This gives them the ability to see what these bumps are, Jo. That way they can't just dismiss it, as not having seen it. Who can know what our body's can possibly come up with to surprise and amaze!

Do these bumps itch, burn, sting?

Hope you get some answers and some peace of mind.

With you!