Embarrassing...Genital Herpes. Related discussion to Anti Viral Treatment for CFS/ME/FM

After reading the VERY INFORMATIVE DISCUSSION on the topic of the CONNECTION of the HERPES VIRUS...I am VERY curious to know how many of us have it. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this.

So...my bright idea( Well ,I think it's bright lol);

Since it IS EMBARRASSING for some,If you don't feel comfortable sharing with a full out response with a YES, i thought maybe we could get a rough idea by simply clicking on the THUMBS UP icon.

Any takers?

I had Shingles FG, and it was nearly 20 years after I was diagnosed with Fibro. After reading the articles associated with the first posting I am def gonna talk to my doctor about the antivirals I've been keeping a hold of in case I would have another Shingles outbreak. the first affected me both internally and externally and I now have what they call Postherpetic Neuralgia from the initial outbreak.

I am very excited about the chance of a new drug being available for Fibro pain. Gonna talk to my doctor about keeping her finger on the pulse of this....I think it's so important.

Thanks for the post.

Be well


I am very surprised as well to hear this. Last night I was so sleepy from the muscle relaxer that I didn't have the mental power to scream about it. I'm not embarrassed and don't think anyone else should be either. These viruses have been around for decades. We have a larger population now and it is not that uncommon to have more people out there with this.

I'm not surprised that researchers/doctor's have found the link between hsv and our condition. Do you think it is possible that we were all bitten by a mosquito when we were under two years old and was infected then? I just read about the tiger mosquito that is native to S. Africa. Apparently this insect is making its way to the east coast of U.S. this year. I read that the virus this mosquito is carrying has people getting spiked fevers and sever body pains/aches. It almost sounds close to what we have.

I've had this problem ever since I recognized something was wrong with me, just been overlooked all this time. I don't have any blisters or other symptoms of hsv-1 or 2, and never been diagnosed with it. So how did it get in me?

I'm really thankful that there are people out there looking into other places for us, to help us get our lives back. Savella may not be a cure but it sounds as if it is the start of a cure. If researchers have found out where our disorder is started then hopefully it will not be long before they find a cure or a long term patch.

I really want to use savella, at least try it and hope my body won't reject it. I want to work and get back to my east coast beach. It really depresses me to be confined. I don't want to look at anybody right now.

Well, that is my take on this new information.


I had the chicken pox when I was young, grade school, and I keep praying I don't come down with the shingles too. I'm not sure if the hsv is a culprit behind an out break or not. What I don't know is can you get the shingles again?


My first herpes attack was when I was pregnant our first daughter and many times when I was on the pill. My most severe attack was at 28, after what I believe now was toxic shock syndrome. It wasn’t even heard of back then, 1978. I had recurring episodes throughout my life, but they stopped after menopause. My fibro started when I was 45. I am now 61 and I just had shingles on my face and in my eye that I am still being treated for. My fibro has been flaring badly all this winter. Every time I am exposed to a virus, I have 4 young grandchildren ,I have a flare up . I believe there is a connection with all this.

I did as much reading as my brain could handle today(not a good day). The links that were shared in the original discussion made a lot of sense and had it not been for my doctor initially dismissing the connection,or possability of one, I probably would have done more research on this.

The most interesting part of the article,I thought was the fact that HS1,HS2 and others are VIRUSES...and a virus sticks around causing all kinds of inflammation. They did a cadaver study(eww gross I know) but 9 of 10 in one study found the herpes virus in the stomach tissue biopsies, and 18 of 19 in another.! The thought is that it gets into all of the organs.There was a long list of illness thought to be connected to this virus. Including IBS, Crones disease(of course I can only remember a couple..foggy day)

The studies are still being done and of course there's funding issues,but if these doctors are really ON TO something,then treatment would be focused in a different direction completely. Antivirals and anti-inflammatory drugs.

I think this is very exciting!That's why the curiosity about the number of us actually have one form or another.

Thanks for the input:-))