Anyone try Provigil?

Hello all! I was reading and trying to search for answers for the incredible fatigue that has taken over my life. I can't keep my eyes open, but I feel like I'm sleeping well. I came across Provigil, which is supposed to be a mild stimulant for the daytime to help with that fatigue. Has anyone tried this?

I'm not sure I will try it, as it does interact with birth control, and I'm in nursing school and a baby would be really difficult right now. But I thought I'd see if anyone else had success with it. Thanks!

I take Nuvigil which is similar - I initially found Nuvigil helped with fatigue but as time goes by, I find that it is not effective. An option is a small dose of Adderal to see if that helps your fatigue. I’m not sure but I don’t think Adderal will affect your birth control. I don’t take Adderal every day as I don’t always need it. However, taking 10mg might give enough of a boost. I would recommend asking your doctor about it and see if he or she will allow you to try it for several days. you could also consider a different form of birth control but of course that is a very personal decision!

Good luck!

I looked into Provigil. It was not covered by my insurance for fibro or cfs and runs about $650 a month. It is supposed to help with the daytime sleepiness but the best I could ever establish has shown to have no effect on the fatigued feeling, you are just better able to stay awake. I couldn't find any kind of payment assistance program for off label uses of Provigil but Nuvigil has a payment assistance program and a wider usage approval base. Hope that helps.

Do you have health insurance? I went to a sleep doc and had my sleep tested, etc. there is a coupon that the doc can give to cover your copayment.