Appeal Video Hearing Information Needed

I am going to be going through the Video Hearing Appeal Process here in Michigan soon, after being denied disability for Fibro., IBS, Spinal Stenosis as major problems. I do not have representation and I am wondering if there are people out there that can help me out with some info. and what I need to do.

I appreciate any comments.

Thank You

Hi, I am having my video hearing this coming Friday. I have no idea how this would work but I will let you know. Please pray for me I need God to be there with me and I know he will.


I've never been through it but I did have to see a court-ordered psychiatrist in order to get my SSDI approved. I had to chronical all of my fibro problems, plus all of my other medical problems that relate to it. I had to go into detail as to how well I functioned during the day and what was impacted due to the fibro -- work? housework? yardwork? getting myself up and washed and dressed? I had to explain exactly how the fibro impacted my day, like I can't use my knees to bend down and get food from the lower cupboards, get into the bathtub and sit down, kneel for gardening, etc. I also had to tell how I am emotionally impacted by the fibro. Am i depressed? Do I take anything for depression? Can I still get up and out of bed or am I too depressed? And also info about my thinking and how it's impacted: Do I garble words and sentences due to fibro fatigue? Do I forget where I've put things?

i also had to explain how the fibro impacted my job, in detail: Can I still walk up stairs to deliver meals or does knee pain and stiffness make it impossible? Did I still work the same route that I started with or did I leave one route in order to get one with less stairs? Do I have trouble lifting the heavy meal bags? Does anyone help me with my work? Has my workload been changed to accommodate the fibro? If so, how? How much lifting did I do? Was fibro affecting my concentration while driving? Did I have trouble with talking to people on my route, like stammering or forgetting words?

I also had to answer questions about who our President is, who the governor of my state is, and some other memory-based questions. I also had to do some baby math for them, but the fibro caused me problems!

My best advice is this: if you have print outs of your doctor visits, get them and put them in date order. Hopefully your diagnoses will be on them: fibro, depression, IBS, that sort of thing. I'd also pull out my daily planner, if you have one, in case you don't have any paperwork on your doctor visits. And lastly, i list every single medical issue I have that's due to fibro or related issues. like IBS, migraines, tremors, arthritis, fatigue, etc. Once you have them ALL listed, I'd jot down some examples of how they impact your daily life, at work and at home. As for the memory and math stuff, better not to study because they need to see how badly impacted you are!

I hope this is of some help to you for your upcoming appeal process. I honestly don't know if it will be but I listed it in case this is the type of info they'll be trawling for.

I'm praying for you and also suggest you read what I wrote for Tammy.

My very best to you in your appeal process!

And PS: i highly recommend that you both get an SSDi lawyer ASAP, as your chances of being approved are better with them, and neither of you can afford to lose again. The lawyer only gets paid if he wins, and only gets 1/4 of your back pay. It's totally worth having them onboard to help you through this process!

Good luck to the both of you!


I just received my second denial letter and am currently looking for an attorney. You do have a better chance of winning if you have an attorney to represent you!! I have a whole list of medical issues including Fibro and Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back. I lost my job due to these medical issues and still I got denied twice!

I read somewhere to have a Neuropsychological test or a psychological evaluation (if you can). I also read to keep a diary on how Fibro and other medical conditions affect your day to day living. Have family member write letters to state how this illness affects your life.

Good luck!!!

Thank you.