Disability Hearing

Well I don’t know what happened to my post I wrote a couple hours ago but good news!! I won my case!!! I still can’t believe it!! It went smooth, I didn’t have to say but a couple of words this time. The Judge had a orthopedic doctor on the phone that had reviewed my case and goodness there were a couple of things wrong with me that I wasn’t aware of lol, and I was afraid the Fibro would be overlooked but he acknowledged it thank goodness, anyway maybe this post will go through, not sure what happened to the first one, I’m really tired now, think i"ll kick back now.
Thank you to all that has said a prayer for me, I really did feel the good lord was with me today, I hope you’ll continue to keep me in your prayers as I will you all!!

Hi Sharon,

Did you look under discussions you "started"? I just checked your discussions and had to change the drop down menu (top right) to "started" to find the earlier post I responded to. Hope you find it as there was another response besides mine.

Congrats again

Dottie S

Congrats! I filed for my appeal to my first denial, I wonder how long it takes to get a hearing?

I am so very happy for you! Congratulations! You deserve it!

Congratulations!!!!! This is awesome news and so excited for you....

Jackie, I was denied in February and my new court date is in March or April they think. I think it all depends on where you live. I have my hearing in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. but I reside in West Palm and they told me this is how busy the court is here. :(


Oh good for you. Mine should happen in the next 2 months…I am very stressed over it, but it in ALLSUP’s hands. Any advice?

Well all I can tell you is pray and hope for the best!! I don’t know anything about ALLSUP so I can’t help you there, I believe if I didn’t have an attonery I probably would have never won my case, but that’s just me, I’m sure each state is different, I’m in Alabama. I know my lawyer will get a huge chunk of my check but I really don’t mind, they did all the work and all I had to do was show up
You hang in there and i"ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers!!

Thank you Robin!! I’m very happy & relieved


Jackie I’m in Alabama and it took 18 months after my first denial

Hey Dottie, yes I found it, not sure what happened lol, but thank you!! So glad that’s over!!

Thanks, ALLSUP is a company that all they do is work disability cases. They will have someone to speak for me. Crossing my fingers…money is soooooo tight right now and credit is rising.

I hear ya!! So does ALLSUP get a percentage of your check?

Yes, that is a federal limit, the most they can take is $6000. If your take is under that then it is 25%. I also believe that there is a 6 month waiting period for any payment, but it starts at your file date.

Hello Sharon

We rejoice with you in the success of your Disability Hearing. What a blessing and a relief.

You are not the only one to have lost a letter to cyberspace!

Gentle hugs


Thanks Rachel! And I’m sure it want be the last lol

Sharon, just off the phone with SSDI my hearing won’t be for 14 months! I have a diagnosis of Fibro and also MS. I can’t believe I have to wait that lOng I think maybe I should reapply it might be faster! Any suggestions?

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am very happy for you! Good for you! Woo hoo!

Thank you!!!