Ashwagandha for sleep, joints, blood fats, thyroid

Good for lots of things sleep, blood fats, thyroid, joints and more…! A real all-rounder! But…

But: Ashwagandha is a nightshade! Who’d’ve thought! Gets on my nerves when such basics are omitted, even on pages like healthline.
Didn’t keep me off trying it, as I have no detectable problems with at least mild peppers (yellow). Tried it May 11th & 12th - severe burning stomach at night:
Wind, stomach burn (ache): 5 Side Effects Of Ashwagandha You Should Know About
Take it with meals then. 14 Signs of Nightshade Sensitivity (and What to Do About It) stomach hyperacid problems are normal. Are Ashwagandha Benefits Worth their Side Effects ? - YouTube comments: Itching possible (bilirubin/liver), better with hot milk/water & ghee (wdnt be good for me). Ashwagandha Health Benefits & Side Effects - YouTube Take for at least 3 months, it needs to build up. Capsules OK, better for ‘bad taste’, the name means horse-smell (Indian doc). And that’s the kind of odour that followed me around after taking it :roll_eyes: :roll_of_toilet_paper: Increased stomach acid… :roll_eyes:
(Unlikely that this was caused by drinking a few sips of fizz, cos I drank 5x as much yesterday.)

Bottom line: i still contend it sounds really interesting and it certainly has effects :wink: . But I’d be wary if you have stomach hyperacidity & IBSD like me.
(The acids like GABA & Glutamine and the Mg compounds that are helping me are hard enough to compensate for (with psyllium, S. boulardii, linseed oil (but not too much) and Gastritol, Gastricumeel and if need be bicarb.)

Aim for 2x2-4g/d, only evenings if it makes you tired; earlier and apart from meals if it doesn’t work enough. Can take days, weeks or months to work. (German info)