Bladder infection wont go away!

called docs and asked for him to come to see me , been on so many antibiotics and its getting worsre , hopefully he will be here around lunch , didnt realise i could get so down but feeling rock bottom right now , just about had enough of this !! i know one thing everyone with fibro and added problems are the strongest people i know , big hugs to you all xxxxx

Your doc makes house calls? That is beyond awesome! I hope he comes and you get some relief.

I have to go to a free clinic.Takes weeks to get in.
Does anyone else have scabs on their scalps?

My mom and I used to get many bladder infections. We take cranberry capsules. 1 capsule equals 9 cups of cranberry juice. It seems to get rid of infections faster than antibiotics with fewer side effects. My Mom stays on them all the time cuz she has a pouch in her bladder that never gets emptied. This is common with lots of ladies who have given birth. She stays on cranberry at all times to keep the infection from getting too bad.

doctor called me this afternoon , think you have to be on the floor to make a visit , told me to come off antibiotics as lab test came back ok , being refered to urologist asap , feeling HORRIBLE !!!


Oh dear. What can I say except we are all thinking of you and keep in touch. Take Care Barb

Yes Angie, I didn't think there were any doctors who made house calls anymore, but for your sake I'm glad he did. I hope you get an appointment with the specialist ASAP and that he can get to the bottom of this.

Keep us updated please.



Hi Angie

I had what I thought was a bladder infection for months, constatntly having to go to the loo, although my GP told me that tests showed nothing. I then went to see another GP at the practice about pain etc and after tests, he diagnosed fibro. I didn't mention my bladder problem to him as I was fed up with being told that they could find nothing. He started me on amytriptiline and within a few days I was no longer having to run to the loo. I mentioned this to him on my next visit and he told me that irritable bladder is a common symtom of fibro. Could this be your problem too???? Whatever is the cause I hope that your problem is soon under control.

Rachel, In the UK doctors still make house calls. Sure wish they did in Canada and U.S. I often have to get feeling better before I can get to the Dr. which just seems illogical.

Blessings, All! I was with a bladder infection for 12 days before I decided to write to my doctor. . . The first day it was horrible and I was passing some blood and I passed 4 small blood clots. . . I started to drink cranberry juice and in a few hours I felt better. . . sometimes I felt well but it seemed it depended on what I ate! I finally wrote to my doctor and he told me . . . PASSING ANY BLOOD IS ALWAYS A BAD SIGN - SEE ME IMMEDIATELY OR IF ON THE WEEKEND GO TO URGENT CARE! He ordered 5 different tests, blood, urine, kidneys, etc. . . all was well but I still had a urine infection - he gave me some very strong antibiotics to take for five days - 2 capsules per day. . . I seem to be fine now. . . IT WAS JUST HORRIBLE, NOT JUST THE URGE TO JUST WANT TO LIVE IN THE BATHROOM BUT THE PAIN. . .


There are a few in the US who do. In Livonia, Michigan there is an office called Elite Visiting Physicians. I think with them it depends on if insurance will pay for it and also on the patients ability to get to the doctor. It's "usually for geriatric and homebound patients." I have allergic asthma, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, fibro, and osteoarthritis, among other issues that are likely related to the EDS. They've sent someone in the past to me because of my inability to get there but also because I've had asthma attacks triggered by environmental things in several doctor's offices. and been homebound. This site has lists of visiting physicians and where they are located, for several states. There is another called Medical Doctors PC but it's only available in lower Michigan. I believe this one is in Northern Texas If you search on Google with your state and "visiting physicians" or "house calls" and doctor, you may find something for your area. Some may require a patient to be homebound, some may not as long as the patient or their insurance will pay for it.

Angie, sounds like a trip to the urologist is what you should do, they may order a Cystoscopy it’s a look into the bladder with a lighted scope. Its a fairly simple test, takes about 5 min. And can also dx, interstial cystitis, do you have a lot of bladder pain?? Let me assure you, just because the lab says there is no infection in the urine, there are a lot of other things that cause infection like symptoms. Even not completely emptying your bladder can cause bladder spasms… The urologist can scan your bladder right in the office after you empty to see if your leaving some urine behind…
I hope you feel better… Your so right , those of us with Fibro are so strong !!!
Hugs & blessings for comfort !!!

Blessings! WOW - I thought I was inventing symptoms. . . I have noticed lumps and scabs for the past six months - they became noticeable after a migraine. . . right on top of my head. . . I told my doctor and he says he has to see/feel. . . I e-mail my doctor. . . It feels weird but it is uncomfortable to the touch (pain). . . I have been migraine free for three weeks and I still have them. . . my migraines went away with Maxalt (generic). . . I had to take four pills in a 24 hour period but I had been suffering with migraines for almost six months - they came specially on the weekends, when there is the most activity in my home. . . take care you all. . . gentle hugs and lots of love - Irma