Does anyone else have problems with bruising easily? I have all these mystery bruises on my thighs and weird spots on my arms - not where you'd usually bump into things. Couldn't figure out where I got them. Then I discovered that when I have a sore muscle or tendon or something and massage it to make it feel better, it leaves a bruise. I'm going to ask my PCP about it next month, but I figured I'd check in with y'all in the meantime.

For a few mornings last week in the shower, I noticed that my forearm above the wrist hurt when I was washing it. After it happened a few days in a row, I tried to figure out if there was something there causing the pain. Just from running my fingers back and forth over it (comparing it to the same spot on my other arm) I gave myself a bruise! And I still haven't figured out what caused the pain in the first place. *sigh*

I have Von Willebrands, which is a genetic bleeding disorder. My blood doesn't clot properly, so I bleed easily and bruise easily. Also, I'm not able to take certain meds or herbs such as antiinflamatories, aspirin, vitamin E, or any fish oils etc and also many herbs that affect clotting.

Just mentioning this because I went fifty years before a doctor finally tested me for genetic bleeding disorders and found out that I had it.

If your pcp doesn't want to bother with it, go to a hematologist and get the problem checked out.

It sounds like your having spontaneous bleeds.

Also, check all your medications to see if any of them can cause bleeding or have blood thinning effects.

I bruise easily but not that easily. I would definitely get it checked out by a doc. It sounds like you could have more that just fibro going on. Good Luck!!!

Agree with allergic, I only saw neurontin listed as a med, anything else you may need to add to that?

yep, I get bruises on my arms and thighs and no type of injury occcured.

I agree with the others that both you and Mo should get this checked out to rule out other things. I don't think it's associated with fibro, but then again, i'm no doctor.

Kitty, I read an interesting article a while back that stated that one of the main reasons that this generation is iron deficient is because we have replaced those heavy iron skillets that our mother used to fry everything in. According to this article, it is still one of the very best ways of getting enough iron into our systems, without taking a supplement.

Unless you have a reaction/allergy, to iron, it sounds like an easy fix, in that case it may not be advisable. Ask your Doc, see what he thinks!

It is listed as a side effect, so talk to your Doc!

Thanks for the responses. This does seem to have become a real issue since I started the Neurontin. I'll call my PCP tomorrow. If I remember . . .

Just an update. I have an appointment on Thursday to see someone in my PCP's office. The nurse left me a message that my PCP said I could stop taking the Neurontin. Don't know if they'll give me something else instead.

Possibly Lyrica, both are for nerve pain.

No kidding! Really? Wow, that's really cool. I may have to consider investing in one. I'm not iron defic. but my sis is and I'm the cook in the family. Tho it seems that I'm usually doing quick convenience meals these days, sadly.

Yes, I think you should. Just to be on the safe side of things.

Good luck, Liz! I hope they can pin down the cause. If it's the neurontin, I hope they can give you something else to help with the pain.

I didn't care for the doctor I saw. She didn't seem to listen. I have many health concerns and trust my PCP to know the whole story. This one gave me a prescription for amitriptyline to try, but I haven't had it filled yet. Some of the side effects could make all my other conditions worse, so I'm waiting until I can talk to my PCP about it.