Calgon · Take Me Away! Why can't it be true?

Today has been a day nothing is going right. I feel like my son and hubby have been picking on me for the last 24hours which isn't like my husband, my son sure...I seem to do nothing right or shoot can't even do anything wrong lol.I want to crawl in bed and sleep but hubby is there already there.So I really need calgon to take me away and make it all better :(Any of you have this kid of day?

Oh boy Robin, you are describing me on those days! I am divorced now, but when I was married, I developed 'fibro fog' and it seemed like everything I did was not right as far as my family was concerned. Yes, A wonderful bubble bath would be great! Treat yourself to it, if you can! You deserve it. We all deserve to pamper ourselves, because along with the Fibro, we are usually in so much pain, that we can't even THINK for a moment that maybe pampering ourselves might have been the answer to get us through the pain. Hugs!! Laurie

Ahhhhhhh… But make it an epsom salts it now come in a lavender scent! Epsom salts deliver magnesium directly to your cells via your skin! Even just soaking you feet will help but carrying the footpath to a comfy chair then emptying it afterwards is too hard on me.

Thanks Laurie, I think I am just feeling sorry for myself lol...I did pamper myself and frrl a lil bit better, Hugs Robin

Shaylynn, Oops Im all out of epsom salts so it had to be colgon, It was nice too...Thanks and I promise to go get epsom salts tomorrow... Hugs Robin

Hi Robin, I got in my shower today, ( doesn’t have a tub ) and thought geez I really just need to sit down and soak my body, I usually don’t take a bath, because its in my sons bathroom, it’s only the two of us, so we each have our own bathroom… Of course I have to clean both… Lol, but I was actually thinking about it today & the lavender Epsom salt sounds like a winner !!!
Sorry I can’t relate to the hubby issues… But I have my hands full with just my son !
I hope you feel better,

Thanks Dee, One day right after you clean your son's bathroom enjoy a soak...It will be worth it. I am feeling better Thank you. Hope you have a great day. Gentle Hugs, Robin