Can't afford Cymbalta, is there something else that works?

I've been taking cymbalta for 3 months and have had so much relief from my fibro symptoms. My first month was free because the doctor gave me samples. For the second month I used a coupon for a free first month trial. Last month the doctor gave me more samples. Now it's time to fill the prescription and it will cost $230.00/month. I definitely don't have the money for that!! So now I stopped the cymbalta and all my pain is back. Does anyone know of something that works as good as that for a much lower price?? I wish cymbalta had a generic brand, then my insurance would cover it.

There is no generic that I know of. Neurontin has given me some relief. Also try this website- It has links to different places you can get the meds for low cost and the income requirements are not that strict. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

Have you tried getting your dr to tell the insurance company that this works for you then they might cover it. I am thinking they are denying it cause they believe it is used for mental health. if your Dr or pharmacy states it is used for pain relief (different coding) the insurance might pick it up. If that doesn't help you can contact the company who makes Cymbalta there are programs that these drug company's have for assisting people who cant afford their medications. Wishing you better luck! Sara is a great place to start. The best way to do it, is go to the company's website, and they should have a form for either you, or your doctor, or both to fill out. Look for "Patient Assistance Program" or something like that.

*Depending on your income, it's usually very easy to get your meds directly from the company for free, especially since not many people take advantage of these programs.

Another awesome resource was put together here by Sheila Wall, the link to the post is:
There is a tremendous amount of information here !

Good Luck, and let us know if you still need help!
Hugs, Renie

Hi there! I've read that Cymbalta's patent runs out in June of 2013 so generics should hopefully be available at that time. Also, if you go to the maker of Cymbalta's website (just look up Cymbalta to find the maker's name), they might have information about getting free meds from them. I've done this with Lyrica and it was great.

Once Cymbalta becomes a generic, you might be able to get it from your health insurance. Just a thought.

Also, Lyrica works somewhat at containing fibro pain. I was having some great days with it after my dosage was recently upped but don't feel so great from it today. Could just be a one off. This link makes you aware of the fact that Cymbalta does not yet come in generic, best to speak to your Dr to see what is closest to it, that will work for you. There are also places claiming to offer coupons, but I would also ask Dr about that, could be a scam. Now some of the drug companies whow sell these may offer financial assistance where they will either discount the drug or give it to you free, but usually only for a couple of months. This is their official website. Worth a look!

The information other people have written is great. If however you can still not get cymbalta/duloxetine then sertraline (lustral I think) is a good alternative, although it can be dangerous with certain pain killers such as tramadol.

This is a link to the type of medication

This is a link to other medications of the same type

If you have any questions then you are welcome to message me and ask xx

just as Mike said u have been given great advice. i get my cymbalta for free through the company. i wanted to let you know the average wait time for approvel for ththis drug is 6-8 weeks. u can call the company and find out what to do to get it faster. u can only use that coupon one a year. i just wanted to share that with you. i wish you the best of luck with getting it. i hope they can put your request through quickly. make sure to mention that u have aready started taking it. call your dr for some samples. u will have to have your dr fill out part of the application.

the advice about calling the insurace and see if they would cover it if the pharmacy puts it in different might work too. give that a try. u can askk the pharmacy to help you figure out how to get your insurance to cover it they know the ins and outs of how the system works

They do Pet it is called. you download the forum fill it out your Doc with fill out their part I brought my W2 to thoffice with me faxed it to Lilly and got a year worth of my meds sent right to my docs office and I went and picked them up

I've had docs tell me some time ago when I needed Lunesta to contact the makers of the medicine directly as they may offer discounted rates for those whose medical insurances does not cover it. . . so try contacting them. Can't hurt. Good luck

Have you tried savella or l y r y c a? E l l a v il or wellbutrin too

I checked this website and they don't cover cymbalta or duloxetine. However if you have other medications you might check this to see if they cover any of them. There is a "co-pay", but compared to the actual cost of most medicines they cover, it is cheap. I paid $45 for a 3 month script for 800 mg 3 times a day of Gabapentin. Even with my best script discount card, the prescription would have been over $300.

There are income qualifiers and you have to be without insurance that covers prescriptions.

This is a link to a script discount card that has been the most helpful for me. You do have to enter information, but I've not been bugged by these people about anything. And my spam mailbox did not fill up. There is a lot of information on the members main webpage for people with disabilities that might also be of use.

Hope this helps everyone!

Lyrica has given me discount, if u contact the drug companies direct, many of them will discount it for you.