I feel so useless not being able to work

Last year I got a holiday job at Macy's and felt good going back to work after being home with the kids. As soon as I started working I started to have sever pain but brushed it off thinking I just wasn't used to being on my feet for so long. By the end of the Job in December I was crippled. I found out in January that I have fibro. I can't work and I can't apply for disability because I didn't work long enough. I can't afford the cymbalta ($230.00) which helps. Unfortunately on paper my husband makes too much to qualify for help with the medication. I'm in so much pain I can't stand it. Right now I'm taking gabapentin and prozac. I hate being like this and I just want it to go away. I can't believe I was perfectly fine last September and now I'm so crippled. How can this be????

I know what you are going thru. I was so active before fibro, I even belonged to a gym and would do all the excersise classes like zumba, kickboxing, ab express, step express, turbo kick and yoga. Now I couldn't make it thru half a class. I know that if you go to the cymbalta website you can request a Free 30-Capsule Trial of Cymbalta. There is also some printable coupons out there I just cant remember the website.

Hi, thanks

i already used my free coupon for the cymbalta and my doctor gave me samples for two months but all that ran out and i can't afford the pills. i did read that the patent for cymbalta runs out in 2013 and then they can make a generic brand. i guess i have to wait for that!

Can hubby put his assets in a trust? If he can, then you should be able to qualify for help. Lots of old people do this.

BTW, the patent for Cymbalta runs out in June of 2013, so generics should be available after that time.

It's the million dollar question - how did I go from being healthy and active to in severe pain and unable to work? This illness is so mysterious - no cure, so-so treatment, no obvious breaks or wearing of joints or tissue...and yet the pain is always there...

Have you tried using Ibuprofin for your pain? For me, it's the most effective pain manager, although it just takes some of the edge off.

Does your husband have health insurance for himself or you? If so, perhaps either one of you could claim to be depressed and push for using Cymbalta because you're also in pain.

Hope some of this helps. It really STINKS to be disabled in this country because you're basically shizz outta luck.

What about hubby? Can he complain of depression and pain and ask for Cymbalta? I know it's not a great way to get the meds, but it might work...

How can this be ??? That is the million dollar question ??? I spent an entire year asking how is this possible, I still after 3 years have a hard time getting my brain wrapped around it. I worked M-Th 10 hr days, spent all day fri in school, took call on weekends, had a teenage son in high school, ( single mom ) and took care of cleaning, shopping, bills, house, an elderly mother and still had time to go horse back riding, and have a life. Now I’m lucky if I get the dishes done, I lost my 22year full time job, and I am learning how to manage life with fibro. I take Savella, and that has helped, I hate that anyone would have to suffer bec medication is way to expensive, we suffer enough even with the meds. Acceptance is hard, it’s hard to understand, & very frustrating that you can’t do the things you once could. Don’t feel useless, you have to find other things that help you, simple things like stretching for 5 min before getting out of bed, this web site has helped me a lot !! Stay positive & try to find other things to focus your brain on, it’s hard but it can help :slight_smile:

Go to needymeds.org. They have links to progrms that help,with prescriptions so you can get it for about $20 or so a month. Most of the programs do not have income requirements and some of the ones that do have very lenient income requirements. Good luck.

Awwww I'm so sorry (wow your name is a tricky one for fibro lol)!

Thats sadly the same problem that a lot of us had, or after a car accident or surgery etc, so in a way we had something to "blame" actually. I guess in your case I can understand why you're so confused. Some people's fibro came on slowly and so it wasn't so obvious either. Either way though it sucks doesn't it?!

It's such a hard illness to understand or make sense of even when you've had it for years. The biggest "breakthrough" is acceptance which will not happen over night, trust me. But when you can is when you can start restructuring your life, and days, so that you can make the most of it all.

You will learn to find other things that you'll love doing. You just cant do it all in one day now. Things take a little longer but you can still learn to enjoy life again!

I know it seems like it right now, but it's not the end of the world. It's actually the start of the new one! One that you can create yourself!! (Mine often evolves around chocolate and cooking too now I have more time to eat. See its not all bad!)

Best wishes and welcome!


Jo I love how positive you are , we can all learn from ur posts :slight_smile:

My husband had a stroke on christmas morning 2010. He went back to work full time in march. his idiot boss cut his salary in half when he was working part time and wouldn't give it back when he started working full time. we've spoken to a few lawyers and there is nothing we can do. my husband has health insurance that covers all of us. thank God he is ok. I don't think my husband can really ask for anything. Sometimes i take 4 motrin every couple of hours. i know it's destroying my stomach.

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Aw thanks Dee! I try my best! I do enjoy a good moan though too you'll notice lol x

It's ok Lori. I'm sorry I get confused too easy.