Hey everyone…I haven’t been able to be on here very much because my time is so filled with work and school. I of course battle daily, but i am going through a really had flare right now, sooner than usually from my last bad one. My depression is so bad lately, because my doctor switched my medicine from prozac to cymbalta, hoping that the cymbalta would help with the pain. But sadly, the cymbalta makes me feel horribly sick, so I haven’t been taking it everyday like I should. So naturally, my body is confused, and so my depression has escalated. I am either in terrible pain, or sick from the medicines I take to help with my pain. I feel like I should have this handled better since I have been diagnosed for a few years now, but I’ve comever to realize that’s not how it is :frowning: I just think it would be nice to talk to people during this time who understand. Any comments are appreciated. We all deserve medals for what we have to go through. Sigh.

Hi Samantha, I am so sorry it is tough right now. Lovett gave great advice, you really need to talk to your doctor about this as soon as possible. Taking any medication intermittently can be dangerous and cause more issues. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs!!

Hello Samantha,

So sorry to hear of your problems. To have Fibro and depression must be so tough - tho it's understandable, anyone would get depressed with this condition! You do have to stick with the meds you are prescibed really, give them a chance. I am on Amitriptylene, which was once prescibed for depression, now it helps with sleep and pain, might be worth a gp, see what your GP thinks.

Good luck and take care,


Hi, Samantha. I wanted to check-in on you and see how everything is going. I hope things are better for you.

Hey, Samantha

I'm so sorry for all you're going through, changing medications and trying to find the right balance is an ongoing battle when you have fibro. As for the Cymbalta, I totally understand. I got super super depressed when my rheumatologist put me on it, and because I was taking it for about a month, it took a long time to shake that heaviness and feel normal again. Things will get better though and I'm glad you are part of the fibro family on here. We all need support and encouragement.

I hope you feel better very soon!

Blessings and prayers