Feeling a bit overwhelemd

hey so i am kind of having a hard time of it right now. Im on different medication and it was taking a good amount of my pain away. unfortunitly im having headaches every day and the medicine is starting to work less and less. I really thought maybe with the right meds I would be fine and feel normal but it seems like maybe that was a false hope. All i want to do is go back to work but i cant even get through two massage sessions without being completly drained and in a good amount of pain. My hands were my career and now i cant even do a fourth of what i was doing. My family feels like im just being lazy and overacting and not truely sick. I am so frustrated with everything a

So sorry you are feeling this way, we all go through this at one time or another or maybe a few more times. Don't get discouraged with your meds, it can take sometime to get you the right cocktail as some Dr.'s call it and I hope thats soon for your sake. Just know we are all here for you... Sending gentle hugs your way :)

Oh goodness! I'm starting to feel like this letter embodies every single fibro sufferer's journey! The pain, the hope, the reality, the family, the frustration...Dsmythe, I'm sorry to say that your story is all of our stories. Yours is the classic story of fibro and how others respond to it.

I think you need to get an appt. with your doctor and tell him about the meds helping less and less. Also, are you seeing a pain clinic? They might have some additional suggestions to help somewhat with the pain.

Is your job physical? You mention using your hands for your career. Also, do you work full-time? It seems that full-time work and physical work is overwhelming to most of us fibro sufferers. As is a stressful job.

My rheumy said that there really aren't any good pain meds for treating fibro currently on the market but there should be in five years or less. I hate to say it but it sure seems like he's right.

Maybe if you can cut down on job hours or do something less stressful or physical, it might help. This is not a fun or easy illness to manage.

I'm sorry you're going thru all of this. I wish I knew of additional things to suggest but I don't. However, coming here and talking to others does help to feel less isolated and more understood. It's an awful thing to not be believed on something as important as your own health. But we here understand and support you in your illness.