Im in sooooo much pain tonight I wanna be free! Im nervous about calling my boss to tell her I’m calling off! I know that she is short staff this week but I have pushed myself to my limit!!! What do I do? My life is no longer mine!!!


I hear ya, it really stinks. Sometimes I feel like I'm in someone else's body because this surely can't be the one I used to know. Just rest Amberlyn. No sense in pushing yourself. You've probably done more than you should already. We all seem to do that. Try not to think about calling off work. I hope your job is not physically demanding. If it is, try to think of other options. I know it's hard to find jobs these days but you might have to.


Truer words have never been spoken: our lives now belong to the fibro club.

Calling in isn't ideal but on the other hand neither is being in terrible pain. THOSE days are unmanageable.

I think that pushing yourself to the limit might just push you further along into severe fibro pain territory: it has with many of us. I think it would help if you could figure out a way to not have to push like that (fewer hours? different job?) Stress is something that the fibromonster loves.

If you call in, try to rest rest rest. Most importantly, please go easy on yourself. This illness thrives on people who push themselves to the limit.

Well I work infants I am constantly on my feet! I have to carry heavy things. Oh my boss could care less

hi amberlyn x i was working as a nursery nurse 2 months ago for a while i pushed myself every day working with 26 pre school children , i caught every thing that was going around and still carried on , when people caught a cold i did but i was floored in bed with it i ran myself down , then i had a bladder infection and was soo poorly then pain started throughout my body , the fb had got me from then i have been on sick , finacially im feeling it and that brings on more worry then more pain , my husband is behind me but it doesnt stop the worry . i cant do anything about it tho , i have this and its there i just cant push myself any more it hurts too much , try not to push your self soo much it makes you worse , lots of hugs xxxx

i used to work as an infant teacher b 4 the fibro really set in.i cant imangine doing that job now not even part time. i would look for a different job with less hours. if u really love working with kids u could conssider being a part time nanny the pay is usually great. i recently got a full time nanny job and i have to quit. alot of me quitting right now is due to the mom. but i have realized i just cant work full time anymore. i am currenly in the hunt for a part time nanny job. there is a great time called

dont worry about your boss just start looking for a different job with less hours. stop wearing your self down u will only maake yourself worse. u have to look out for yourself 1st. and when it comes to daycares trust me they will find the help they need. i once got banned from my daycare by the cdc cause i had food posining. my boss was so mad but there was nothing either of us could do. i had to be cleared by the cdc to return and they said they would come and check to see if i was working. the funny thing was is that by the time the cdc banned me i was over the sickness and feeling fine. it really sucked misssing so much work w/o pay.

i really hope things work out for you

I hope that with rest will come relief. If this does not help, may be time to call the Dr. I am fortunate my GP is just minutes away, and always sees me, usually same day! If you don't go, they don't know!