Cant Believe It

I was just diagnosed only a couple of weeks ago after months and months of testing. Now that i have been diagnose I still cant believe. It's FIBRO :( ... The thought that I will never be able to be the person I was a couple of months ago is hurting me inside. That I am always going to aches through out my body , the burning sensation in arms, legs, and fingers :( . I cant do normal activities with my kids because I spend most of the with pains. I push myself so much because it's not their fault that I am sick. At night I end up paying for it because it hurts so much . I am so tired all the time at work and I still have to push myself because i need my paycheck .They said I have to exercise but how if I always hurt or have headaches or dizzy. I wanted to know what was wrong with me but to know it's something that has no cure...

Oh, I do sympathize with your pain and despair. It's a hard diagnosis to swallow, especially knowing it's so hard to get much in the way of treatment. It's just unbelievable, isn't it? And it's not even an illness that will show up on any standard tests. Not x-rays, not MRIs...just in our levels of pain. And yet, our lives are forever changed by this mysterious illness. Yes, it's pretty darned upsetting.

What stands out most in your statement is how hard you're pushing yourself at work and at home. I hate to say this but in order for you to even feel a little better, you're going to need to rearrange your work and home life so it's less stressful for you. You need down time, in order to rest/sleep. You have a chronic illness that needs attention and care. Pushing yourself is a one way ticket to kicking your illness into high gear. Trust me, I know first hand about this. Been there and done it, which is why I'm trying to save you the same grief. No, it's not your children's fault but they WILL be impacted if you make yourself incredibly ill from pushing yourself too hard.

My doctor suggested small walks and tai chi for exercise, as well as water aerobics. I don't think that traditional exercise will cut it for us. But, on the other hand, getting your muscles and joints moving a bit does help them too, if you are doing it in moderation.

This is a good place to come for support and advice. We're all going through the same thing and can understand your dilemma. Come here whenever you need help. We're glad to listen.

Dear Allure,

Petunia has given you some very good advice, though there is not a cure at this moment, doesn't mean that you can't feel better. Here are some tips from a very reliable source to help you cope. The bottom of the post gives you advice for good self care in conjunction with good medical care. Hope this helps!

BTW if you are out on the yard or the park with your children, that exercise is as good as it gets in my humble opinion, though your Doctor may have other ideas it is a fun way to start!

Wishing you WELL,


I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. It's not a easy diagnosis to work around, especially when you have children to take care of. It makes it that much harder because you can't always take time out for your own needs, but you MUST find a way to do that. Like Penunia said you will end up critically ill if you continue to push yourself. Your body will not hold up. I tried for years until my body finally collapsed. You'll want to try to avoid that happening.

Stress is a major trigger for the fibro symptoms. This is one time in your life that you should not be afraid to ask for help. Doing it all yourself is not going to work anymore. Need downtime.

You might want to ask your doctor about an anti-inflamatory diet. This has helped me the most along with reduction of stress. If you have medical insurance, your doctor may be able to order some aquatherapy since some insurances cover that if you don't have access to a warm pool. Anytime you do any form of exercise just go at your own speed even if it's just floating on a noodle in a pool and just moving around a little, or just some walking. It increases blood flow and also keeps muscle from weakening.

Good that you found this website. There is so much support available her.

Please take care


Excellent post, Allergic!

Agree, SK, being out with the kids is good, gentle exercise (hopefully gentle!) and isn't as scary sounding as "get some exercise."

I plan on checking out the tips too. Thanks for posting them.

Oh, thanks Petunia.