CFS-- now Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disorder, caused by cytokene problem

I have CFS and am also a writer. I just read two new studies- one from the Institute of Medicine which gave CFS a new name - SEID. I think it describes my situation so much better. The study talks about the many symptoms I have and oddly also describe fibro. SEID is so much more disabling than fibro which can be controlled by medication.

Also a study by Columbia University Milkman School of Public Health talked about how cytokene levels are higher in people who start to display symptoms of CFS/SEID. If diagnosed in the first 3 years they can actually TEST your levels and prove you have the disease. It is connected to inflammatory conditions like lupus, MS, psoriasis, etc.

The levels of cytokenes lowers as time goes on but scientists think that by monitoring your levels they can adjust a treatment plan accordingly. It is in the beginning levels but isn't it great to finally have (in the near future) a test that shows IT IS NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD.

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