Checking in

Hey there I’ve missed every one. Things are going fairly well and I hope to come home soon. Hope everything is going well for everyone.

Hi Katie,

So good to hear from you and I am glad you get to come home soon. I hope that your time has been healing and restorative and that you have found some light in the darkness. Life is good.

Hello Katie! So nice to hear from you, I was planning to stop off at FB and say hello today! Great minds think alike! Glad you came to us, as we are all concerned for you, miss you! So glad you have made the best of a situation which is usually not on our vacation hot spot list! And it turned out well for you! I love it!

So glad you will be going home very soon. Hopefully you will remain in good care. We are here for you, thank you for sharing such wonderful news with us! We really have missed you!

Love and hugs,