Chronicity Fibromyalgia program

Chronicity is a company that offers treatment options for both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. They have different clinics around the conuntry. I found their website when I was trying to find alternative treatments options because I have tried everything that has been recommended to me and nothing was helping. I go to the clinic that is located in Harleysville, PA which is about 35 minutes from Philadelphia. I started going to see them on the 9th of June and since starting treatment the change I have noticed for me is that I have more energy then I have had in months. Instead of never having energy to do basically nothing, I now have some energy in the morning and am able to accomplish at least a few things every few days instead of going weeks without being able to do barely anything at all. I have had a cane to help me walk since for the past 5 months and for the first time in the 5 months I have had 3 days since I started the program that I did not have to use my cane at all, which is huge to me. Especially since I am only 23 and I constantly have had to use my cane to assist me in able to walk. The treatment that they have tried with me before is added a lot of naturaly supplements that I take every day that help with my energy, insomnia and gastrointestinal issues. They also have IV treatments that I receive that are are natural things such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and there is also lidocaine in the IV which does help with some of my back pain. Some insurances do cover the cost of the treatments, while others do not. Since my insurance is a HMO plan it is not coeered by my insurance at all. For a years worth of treatment it will cost me $6,100.00, but at this point I really do not have any other options that have worked with me. My doctors have tried me on Lyrica, Gabapentin, and Cymbalta and none of them help at all. I have been doing water therapy for 3 months and it has not helped at all either. I have seen numerous specialist, more then I can count and nobody has had any ideas on what to do with me. Its a bigger issue for me, because the fibro is not the only health condition I have. I also have endometriosis, Celiac disease, Hypothyroidism, Addison's disease, acid reflux, raynaud's syndrome, insomnia, depression, ADD and am hypoglycemic. Trying to treat all of these conditions on top of the fibromyalgia is a very difficult task for not only me, but also all my doctors. I am waiting to get blood tests results that are part of ELISA and western blot to see if I have chronic lymes disease because they did a blood test earlier and it came back poistive that I could have chronic lymes. They did even more accurate blood tests that are much more accurate then the typical antibody lymes test. If anyone has any questions about this place, please feel free to message me.