Does anyone else with Fibro suffer from Clumsiness?

I seem to be getting worse with falling over, missing steps & gaining bruises!

It's probably to do with FIbrofog and fatigue, but it's pretty embaressing!

I just had a huge stack in a Japanese restaurant - very embaressing LOL!


Funny you should mention this. I to have the same but I am also on Humira for Psoriatic Arthritis. I dont’ actually fall over but get somewhat unbalanced. As well with my medication it causes bruising, fatigue, sometimes’ sick stomach. All you have to do is touch me and the next day there is the bruise, and it doesn’t go away for sometime. I stumble more going up the stairs than down, lol. You may want to check if it is FM or PA. Psoriatic Arthritis can cause severe joint pain as well as other side effects. First Psoriasis and now PA. Between FM and PA I often wonder if they have the real cure rather than just something that works for a short time. Take care and good luck!! You may want to check with a Dermatologist to see what you really have.

my Clumsiness was Gluten intolerance. It sometimes made me seem drunk.

I find that lately, I have been dropping things practically everyday. Things just seem to fall out of my hands. I have broken most of my glasses and my husband bought me a plastic cup to use. And, to make matters worse, when I drop something I have a hard time bending down to get it! If someone is around I will usually ask them to help me or I use my cane! I, too, stumble at times since I am not used to the cane yet. My husband decided to get me a cane after I had a bad fall. Luckily I did not hurt myself, just had some black and blues. I did not want to use it at first, but it really helps going up and down stairs!