Concentration Issues

I’m having a horrible time right now with concentration. In addition to having fibromyalgia, I have ADHD and psoriatic arthritis. I am on methotrexate and prednisone for psoriatic arthritis, adderall for ADHD, Cymbalta for fibro and depression, a butrans patch for pain, kolonopin for anxiety and probably other stuff that I’m forgetting. Bottom line is that my brain seems to be getting progressively worse. I feel so overwhelmed all of the time. I can’t make decisions. I forget everything. This is the worst I’ve ever been. The problem is, that I have an incredibly demanding job and I have no idea what to do. I don’t know if it’s the methotrexate and if I go off of it, I’ll improve. I’m just so worn down, upset and confused.

I have two pieces of advice from what I do, but first I am so sorry that you are suffering with so many issues. I have had severe brain fog and have had to still function, but I do wonder if it isn’t some side effects or maybe your meds are mixing wrong in the system. My advice is to make lists and even be very specific about times and how long it should take.
I also set timers at home as I am doing things so I can stay focused. That’s it! Good luck! Gentle hugs…

Hello Eve,

I am so sorry to hear of your problems. With so many meds it is difficult to know which ones really help, and which ones may be giving you these horrible side effects. I think you must see your Doc and try and work it out with him. It is also very difficult to hold down a full-time job, so hats of to you! Further down the line you might like to consider working less hours, or see if work can make adaptations to help you. On a very practical level, you could try writing lists, make sure you pace yourself and p'raps try some form of relaxation. There are lots of ideas on this site, so have a look round if you haven't already done so! Let us know how you are getting on.

Take care, Anne

Boy, I certainly do feel your pain, and I understand. I have the same issues, and I can’t imagine holding a job. I was working for about 2 years after I found out I had FM. But now I’m on disability. I also feel sometimes like it could be because of my meds. I’m also on cymbalta, OxyContin for pain, and sometimes I take a muscle relaxer or a anxiety pill (never on the same day with my oxy.) That would knock me right out. But I know that is one of the symptoms, being forgetful, the fibro fog they call it. I have all the symptom of ADD and it runs in my family. I would like to get checked out for that and get on the right meds. So I can concentrate. I can’t stay focused on eating a good diet, I have good intentions, and keep only good foods in my house, but I can’t seem to be able to stay on track, I overeat and It intensifies my symptoms. I don’t eat gluten or soy and most dairy products, and I stay clear of sugar and processed foods. But I can’t loose weight. In fact I just recently gained 15 of the 20 pounds I lost before the Christmas holiday when I went to see my son in Hawaii. Now I’m feeling like crap. So I think about how it might help me if I would be able to go on adderall. Maybe help get me focused and more alert.

Hey Eve,

I am very sorry and can totally empathize with what you are going through as far as concentration issues. I will pray for you, and I definitely think that Lisa's advice about timers is a good one to try. Feel better!

Blessings and prayers