Back to work tomorrow :(

Had a nice extra day off but I’m really not looking to going back to work. My memory and foggy brain have been worse last couple days. My doctor say it’s the lyrica and it will get better. Also I keep dropping everything.

I’m a college medical assisting instructor and I don’t want to have any signs or symptoms in class so I’m worried. I try to be on the ball and always professional and now I’m worried I may have a brain fog while working with them.

I usually can make I through with Tylenol 3’s and my cymbalta, but since the added lyrica I’m very worried. I don’t want to look like a fool.

Thanks for listening.

Hello everyone. I guess I made myself worry for nothing. I actually used my phone and set some alarms to remind me of things through the day. I also had notes on my stickys which I always use so there is no need to hide them. Today was a success although I was very tired and ran late getting home so no nap for me today. I am anxiously waiting for 10 pm so my son (4) and I can go to bed!!! Until then I’m in my chair with him right next to me, both on iPads enjoying a calm evening.

Thank you to all that helped my your response to my crisis. :slight_smile:

Hi Justamom, I used to facilitate group meetings and put on workshops. . I used power point outlines and a written outline with with stick notes, or bright coloured reminders to keep me on track if I needed them. I didn’t know about fibrofog and at the time but wondered what was happening. I found that sometimes I went on autopilot and later I had no idea what I had said, what questions I had responded too or who had asked it, it. Since there was normally another facilitator (part of my team) sitting in to do a portion, I usually followed up with her to find out if I led them astray. But everything was good. I wasn’t on any fibro drugs at the time and it was exhausting.

I took Lyrica for 6 weeks and this was one side affect in the first couple of weeks but did go away., I’m no longer on Lyrica as had a number of other side affects.

I used numerous tools to ensure I had backup, which gave me the confidence to keep doing workshops, although I seldom needed the tools. I didn’t learn about fibro fog until after I retired and must admit I was some what worried about my sanity.

The other thing to remember is that nobody is perfect, and other people don’t really expect perfection, although we expect it of ourselves.

I hope that Lyrica works for you and you get over the side affects soon. You can do this.

Take care, Gentle Hugs, B2chi

Thank you for writing me. I use power points for my lectures and notes to keep me going on the lectures.
I hope the brain weirdness lets up soon. Again thank you for your support.