My memory has gotten so bad. any sugestions?

I've noticed over the last week my memory has gotten so bad that I don't know what to do. I hope I can get a few suggestions. I have tried writing notes to the grocery story. well this is the story, we are all friends. I work a crossed the street from the grocery store, at the very end of my shift I wrote down a few things that I wanted to pick up at the store, because I knew when I got there I would forget. so when I got to the store I was going to get my list out. opened my purse no list, I couldn't remember where I put it. I checked every where pockets, purse, every pocket and every compartment. I still haven't found the list 2 days later. work that should take 5 or 10 mins. takes me a half hour. I can't concentrate and I can't seem to remember little things like how to spell when i'm writing. I've made an appt. with my pcp and i'm going to discuss this with her. anything thing that can be suggested would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Going to see your Dr is the very best advice there is to give. I will tell you that when asking my Rheumatologist about the 'Fibro Fog', he said "there is no fog, it's chronic pain, and the lack of good sleep due to chronic pain". Since you are working, you will have to do this without narcotics, the PCP's are the meds masters. Hopefully she can help you straighten this out!

Hello gram ruth

Unfortunately many of us are dealing with the same frustrating problem. So please share with us what your PCP says and if she/he has some suggestions that work!

Gentle hugs


thank you for replying, I have noticed that I haven't been sleeping as good as I was and the pain has been worse with the weather. I take Ambien for sleeping and it has made a world of difference. I do take meds for the pain and so far they haven't showed up on a drug screening. I make sure that my employer knows that I take them and would not be able to continue to work if it wasn't for the small bit of relief they offer. I'm going to try to go swimming (soaking) tonight in a heated pool at the local YWCA and see if that gives any relief of the pain. well we know the cause, now we all just have to wait and pray for a cure. I will be sure to post anything that could possibly help relieve anyone's pain. I am so grateful that I found this site. I will be praying for us all.

hi gram ruth

i also get fibro fog even when im feeling ok it scared me at first until i new it was because of fibro! i would forget my address and crazy things like that so i just explain to everyone why i get it and do things like phone people and ask them to remind me of the things i need to remember,pain in the ass i know! but that helps,my mother makes me laugh about it when i forget things like where im driving to,she finds it hysterical so i cant help laughing then,its better than getting stressed anyway :)

Well, just to let you know, you're not alone. Forgotten spelling, forgotten words, forgotten thoughts, forgotten tasks...all thanks to the pain from fibro. Well, actually, mine is also from ADHD, but fibro makes it worse. Sometimes my mind is so sluggish that I just can't think at's like it's shut down. It's the pain.

Controlling the pain and fatigue is what helps me the most. Getting enough sleep (I use a CPAP machine, which helps,) resting after my job, afternoon naps, meds to help ease the pain, these are the things that help my memory. I wish there was a simple answer but it's a complex question because it's a complex illness. I do think that controlling pain and fatigue will help the most in memory issues.

PS: I also use a daily reminder for important things like appointments, and refer to it daily. It has a picture of a dog on it, to help to attract my attention (dogs being my favorite things.)

I am curious to know what your pcp tells you as well. I have been having more and more memory problems over the past several months. My rheumatologist told me that its known as fibro fog but my pcp said that there is no such thing (gotta love physicians that work together so today I spent almost 2 hours looking for my bathing suit so that I could go start aquatherapy. I was so frustrated!!! My mom came over to pick me up and found my bathing suit already packed in a bag with a towel and haning on my door knob...I packed it last night and totally mom did make it into a joke to make me laugh probably so I wouldnt cry. The other thing that Ive been doing alot lately is talking about multiple things at the same time (hope that makes sense) husband has been complaining that its hard to follow my conversations because I jump around so fast from one topic to another. My counselor noticed it too and has been working on it with me. I believe that I am doing it because I'm afraid that I am gonna forget what I am thinking. Ugh!!!!

Tambina, I do that all the time, start one thing and totally forget about it until I remember it much later. Or put something somewhere ahead of time, like you, then panic when it's "lost." One day I put out my Christmas cards but forgot to stamp them. I was peeved that the mailman didn't take them until I took a closer look. Then I burst out laughing. I've had to adapt a sense of humor about it: I figure as long as I don't leave on the stove or the iron, I'm good!

The talking fast about multiple things is something I'm not familiar with. Have you talked to your doctor about it? Could it be a side affect of meds that you are on?

And for the record, I disagree with your GP: fibro fog does exist in that the pain of fibro affects our memory.

I'm curious to know how your aquatherapy went for you. What all did you do there? I went to the YWCA, I took my daughter and 5 year old granddaughter, all I did was walk around and try to help her learn to swim. 1 hour later really sore. I'm not going to give up on it yet. I just don't know if it will help out or not. I don't do any type of exercise and I was hoping this would be the perfect thing to do. please let me know if you liked it or not.