Consultants and hospitals

hi am new to this only just got it but I got messed about at Grimsby hospital but then I got the best consultant ever, brill man, he works at Grimsby hospital and Goole hospital. am so great full to him, he doesn't just help me he helps my family as well.

Dear Victoria,

So glad that you finally got the right Doctor, seems we all have to go through the not so good ones first! It indeed makes you appreciate that right one when you do finally find him! Now, hang on for dear life!

So glad you found us here at Ben's Friends! Thanks for posting! Welcome!



Welcome to the forum. You are fortunate to find a doctor like that. They are few and far between.

Take care,


Victoria, wonderful news! It's hard to find the good ones but when you do, it's such a blessing. And especially since he helps you and your family, as well. Congrats on your find!

Welcome Victoria, finding a good doc is worth his weight in gold to us chronic pain patients. I have found a great doctor and I don’t know what n the world I would do without him!

Again, welcome to the forum. You’ll find just about everything you need here. A empathetic ear for you to key to and the silly ones that just when you need A good laugh it comes out of nowhere.