Doctors, consultants

I have a brill consultant now, after being messed around working in Grimsby hospital and Goole hospital, he helps me and my family,

Hi Victoria,

Sorry, honey, don't know the areas, I'm an American, but I know that you finally found your Doctor and he sounds wonderful! I am always so happy to share the good news with you! Hang on to that one, girlfriend! Seems like he is sending you on to another great place! Sounds like success to me!



Somehow the message I wrote wasn't included. Is it me or this site?

At any rate, congratulations on finding someone to help you and your family. It's hard to find but OH feels so good when you have someone who not only BELIEVES in your but also HELPS you. I'm glad you found that person. Now maybe you can make some progress with treating your fibro.

My best to you. Well done!

Thank you, this site as helped me alot and I have a look at it every day, am glad and happy talking to people who know how I feel etc.Thank you so much take good care,


We are so glad to have you with us! It is great that you are posting and getting to know everyone! We all really do know how you feel, and how frustratiing it can be to find the right Doctor to get the care that you deserve!

Wishing you continued success!


Hello Victoria, I live very near to you, just outside of Louth. I am so glad that you have been referred to a consultant who is helping you. At the moment I am able to manage to get about most days although the pain can be very intense some times. It certainly helps that I am now retired because I certainly wouldn't be able to go to work. I sincerely hope that things continue to improve for you, although I know how much perserverence that this can take. At least the folks here understand when we falter or just need to reach out for exceptance and encouragement.

Hi and thank you for your message and am so glad you can handle things and yes its very hard at times, right now its so hard for me and my family as its so new and feels like a nightmare and I am going to wake up and its my old life, if you know what I mean. It is so lovely to hear other peoples story's who live with this horrid condition and to see hear people are managing it or having a good day.xx We are trying to stay very positive and take day by day.