I have a wonderful Dr in Mobile Al who understands our syndrome and was willing to sit down with my husband and explain it to him. I have the most wonderful sleep i've had thanks to him and can't sing his praises enough. John Hinton the most kind and uTo Quote Gwen Stephani of No Doubt.. he gives the the mosssst beautiful sleep I've ever had!

Now this is quite a recommendation for a doctor. How exceptionally nice of him to take time to talk to your husband about fibro. How many family members would do better if a doctor was willing to do this?

You deserve that sleep, Stephanie, you've earned it. And you've got a really fab doctor. I hope others in your area take note of this.

Hi Stephanie, it’s so wonderful to here a dr. Is doing something so great !

Hugs & blessings

Hi stephanie,

This is good news! We who have these kind of Drs are so very fortunate. Helping a spouse to understand this is wonderful beyond words. There are so many here still looking for this kind of Dr, and husband for that matter. There is nothing too great about being ill, but we must hang on to the good and 'keep looking up'! I am very sorry that you are ill, but, so very glad that you have such a good Dr, and a husband who takes you to the Dr and shows his concern and support!

Thank you so much for posting this, this will give others hope!

Wishing you well,