Looking for local doctors in DFW, tx

I’m looking for a practitioner who could help. Any kind would be appreciated.

Could you please tell me what DFW is?

What I should have said is I'm happy to ask around for someone in Texas to help, however, I'm not sure what DFW stands for.

I'm glad to try to help!

Hugs from Utah, Susan

Dallas/Ft Worth

Driving isn’t a big issue so I don’t mind going a bit of a ways for a good doctor

What are you looking for in a Dr. You just have to remember that what one person likes another one might not. But I'll ask for a Dr. that is good at helping those with FMS. I'll do my best.

Best Wishes, Susan

Hi Hilary,

After thinking about my comments on helping you find a practitioner, of which there are many, I thought the best place to go for help would be "CFS&FM Support Group of DFW"

Each state has their own support group, and generally, is the best place to find help when it comes to local assistance. I've become best friends with one of the woman in Utah and I think it's a real plus to have those in your state for support. I truly feel if you contact them you'll find your practitioner, whatever type you're looking for. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Best wishes,



I live in the DFW area and currently I am seeing a Dr. John Harney in Richardson Texas. My other doctors say he is the expert in the area on CFS & Fibro. I have been seeing him for a year and seem him 3 times. He is really overloaded patient wise and it is nothing to wait 3 hours at an appointment time to see him. But he is willing to look outside the box to treat.

Dr. John Lavery in Allen, Texas is also one I have seen and he is good, weird but through.

My Rheumatologist is Dr. Dipali Kapoor in Frisco and she is really good if you need one of those.

Good luck to you.

For me it’s understanding and having the same doctor on ever visit

My friend is in plano, dallas area. She has fibro and neuropathy. She has a good rheumatologist, Dr. Stephanie Hennigan in Rockwall. 972-■■■■■■■■.

If you want a rheumatologist, do not go to Dr. Minna at UT Southwestern. On my first visit, he ordered all my blood work (I don't have the past results.) and seemed like there was a plan we would start on my next visit. This morning was my second. His PA basically gave me the "it's all in my head" line. My PC can refill the pain pills Dr Minna put me on & the psychiatrist will be working with meds that can help my pain. Once my depression and sleep are regulated, my pain should be too. The last thing I want to hear from another doctor is that there is nothing physiologically wrong so we aren't treating you. This post is really what I needed today. I will check out some of these doctors as well.

Thank you.

Hi I live in Cleburne Texas I go to doctor @ Hugely Hospital named Sonya Bajaja She is very good and knows her stuff I found her through FM site

Hi I live in Cleburne Texas I go to doctor @ Hugely Hospital named Sonya Bajaja She is very good and knows her stuff I found her through FM site

Welp. I appreciate everyone’s help. I recently signed up for health insurance through the marketplace. It was supposed to be united healthcare insurance. It turns out it isn’t United Healthcare, it only uses the UHC name and I’m having serious trouble finding doctors who actually take it. It looks lIke I’m going to have to deal with whatever doctor I can find who will take the insurance and doesn’t have a 6 month wait for a new patient visit.

I’m up in Prosper by Plano/Frisco area. I go to Dr B Sundram. Very nice and thorough. She’s a partner in Texoma Neurology.

Mine takes a lot of insurance. I have Tricare so I understand the trouble with finding someone. If they take Tricare I’m sure they’d take United.

I got in pretty quick too. 903-893-514. Try them. also they have several offices.

I see Rheumatologist Armine Tumyan in Plano, difficult to get an appointment right away…pain mangment is M. Lewis Fraizer at Tarpon PA in Plano near Dallas Tollway and Spring Creek. He is the one that prescribes my meds.