Texas Doctor

I live a few hours west of Dallas Texas and I am looking for a knowledgable fibro doctor in the area. Any suggestions would be great.

I use 2 doctors and a physical therapist at Baylor Plano. My neurologist is Dr. Verma. My rheumatologist is Dr. Tumyan.

Dr. Tumyan diagnosed my Fibro, but didn't really give me the impression that she was going to be with me for long term care. Dr. Verma does my pain management and absolutely will be with me for the long haul. He is very quiet and conservative, but he is also very nice and knowledgable and dedicated to helping his patients as best as he can.

I know Plano is quite a way from you, but I hopefully this helps!

Hi, I used to live near Ft. worth and went to a clinic there called Firomyyalgia Center.
Spent tons of $, but wasn’t very helpful really but I was also in major depression, but my experience may be a bit clouded. Their deal was to do iv’s using high dose vote, buy that has been several years ago. Good luck. Sie

Did you ever find a good doctor? I’m looking for a new doctor.

I see Dr. John Harney in Richardson who is a neurologist. He has been very nice and knowledgeable, but his office staff is really a mess. Plus it is at least a 2-3 hour wait to see him each visit. I am looking for some else because of the wait time. But I haven't been able to find anyone in the area. I have see three pain doctors, all of whom make you feel like it is in your head or an addict. I wish you luck.

Armine Tumyan, Plano Rheumatologist
Lewis Fraizer, Tarpon PA in Plano pain management