Finding a fibro doctor in Brevard County, FL

Does anyone know a good fibro doctor in Brevard County, Florida? I have been seeing a GP who does a good job of helping manage my pain and diagnosed my fibromyalgia. He also was the first doctor I've seen in this state to prescribe something to manage, not just treat, my migraines. But his office is horrible to deal with; appointments typically take hours (four, five, six, even seven) to get through and because I am on a controlled pain killer I have to go there every month. I don't mind seeing him each month - the percocet helps - but I cannot keep spending 4-6 hours in his waiting room. Plus his nurses never give him messages.

Can anyone please help?! I have tried physical therapy, massage, etc. Don't want someone who will demand I do all that again. Tried that with many people for many years. It didn't work. It hurt. And I refuse to put my aching body through it again.

Hi, uk2fl. Totally agree about the PT. It was horrible, hurt like heck and didn't help at all. Had it done on 3 separate occasions, for weeks or months at a time. Not one PT seemed to realize that something was wrong with me, and I didn't know I had fibro at the time. I even went to Spaulding Rehab, which has a great reputation, and they didn't help or know what was going on. VERY discouraging.

Now, as for finding a good doctor in your area. Are you looking for a GP? If so, then here's what I'd do (have done it, in fact.) Go to the search bar on your computer and type in:

"General practictioner" (or "family doctor") then "fibro" then "Brevard County, FL."

It would look like this on your search bar:

General practitioner fibro Brevard County, FL

Once you get some hits, get some of the doctors names, and type them in, one at a time, like this:

"Dr. Smith" (then add) "reviews" or "ratings"

It would look like this on your search bar:

Dr. Smith ratings


Dr. Smith reviews

This will give you info on how his actual clients feel about him. It's a great way to know if the doctor is good or bad. I found a good rheumy this way.

You can do this with any kind of doctor, just type in their specialty, then "fibro," then "Brevard Co, FL."

Are you close to Tampa or Clearwater? There are some good doctors, supposedly, in that area. If you cannot find someone in Brevard Co., you could try their counties, instead. Hillsboro is one, I'm not sure about the other. Oh, yes, Pinellas.

Good luck! 4-6 hours in a waiting room is a HIDEOUS wait, esp. for a chronically ill person.

Thanks, Petunia. I'm pretty far from Tampa and Clearwater; about an hour from Orlando, though. Checked out that site you mentioned and did see what doctor nearby. Don't really care what kind of doctor s/he is, as long as they know how to treat fibro and pain so I don't have to see two or three docs. Like I say, the guy I see now is good, but I am in agony by the time I leave there because of the wait time. Plus it's impossible to ever speak to him in the case of an emergency, which I hate.