Fibromyalgia Specialist

Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a good fibromyalgia specialist in Birmingham, AL? I would really appreciate it. If not, here I can go as far as Atlanta, GA.


Thanks so much!

I don’t have any docs for you to see as the doc, neurologist, I saw in Atlanta said it was all in my head. A**hole! Call the kirklen (spelling?) clinic atUab. They have tons of specialists there. And if you find someone, please let us know. Good luck.

I have been told the same thing. It is not just in my head!!! Thanks for the tip about UAB's Kirklin Clinic. I will have to check them out.


I am in Mobile al and have a great neuorologist names John Hinton if you have not had help yet {he believes us!}. I have had more education and help with my sleep from him than anyone! He even helped my husband understand the syndrome last week. best of luck to you!