Curious - How Diagnosed?

I am curious. To those of you who have been diagnosed with fibro recently (say within the last couple of years) HOW were you diagnosed? I am asking because I wonder if there is some new kind of test that doctors use now. It might be interesting for us all to know how each was diagnosed. Even the long-timers.

It was around 30 yrs ago when I was diagnosed and I vaguely remember it was by way of pressure points on my body. The specialist (can't remember what kind he was) made me show the 'pressure points" where the pain stemmed from. I showed him the pressure points on my shoulders, thighs and knees which were the worst at that time although I had pain all over - and he said "Yep, you've got fibromyalgia.

this was surley a big part of the diagnosis, symptoms were too, but mine was immediately connected to Overlap syndrome, which is having several symptoms of various Autoimmune disease, but not having the full diagnosis of any, BUT was told to expect at least a full diagnosis of at least one, that it was only the beginning of the diagnosis.

Good question for all of us to answer. Mine was some through pressure points, and some from my symptoms. He said they don't really rely just on pressure points anymore. And my diagnosis says, "I believe you probably have fibromyalgia." So if I need to apply for disability, I'm not sure that I can.

Petunia, You can apply for ssdi but you might want to read this information

Regarding my diagnosis, rheumatolgist check for the specific tender points and also my symptoms and history. He diagnosed me with fms and cfs and sleep disorder.

My rheumi did the pressure point symptoms and blood tests wed rate ana tiger test. And he continue to repeat the tests not every visit

Thank you, allgeric! Well, I DO have ddd and arthritis of the spine, so maybe that would help? (Looks hopeful.) Cause I just cannot take this pain much more and don't see how I can keep working if it keeps up like this.

Oh yeah, the blood tests were used on me too. All negative.

Funny though that I don't jump at the tender points. My elbow and knee tenderpoints do hurt but the other ones aren't as sensitive. Although my back is killing me. Maybe it's more of arthritis there. But the joints aren't.