I haven't looked on here in a while and alot has happend. Dave and I went to Idaho to visit his home town. I look back and regret the idea to drive there. I was a freeking pill popper before it was over. I swear that if you could OD on ibreprophen I would have. Anyways we got back home and I'm stuck in the wheelchair again. I find myself crying alot lately and I have no idea how I'm supposed to live life now. I found out who my friends are though. I decided to cut out some people. So I deleted my fb account and figure if someone really wants to talk to me they can call me and talk to me. Not that I expect any calls. My life seems to be stuck at home for now.

Dear Katie,

I know about car riding and how tough it is on me. I went to your profile to have a look at your story before commenting, as I do not know why you have to use the wheelchair, and found very little info to respond to. Of course it is entirely your choice as far as how much info you post on a profile, but we use it to respond to your posts and discussions.

As far as telephone calls, it's crazy, people want everything on line, or text, they don't know how to TALK or VISIT in person anymore, until someone is in the hospital, then they are bombarded when they need to be left almost alone, and the way insurance is now, you have to be in rough shape to be kept in there.

So I know, I am old enough to have seen the world change drastically with computer and text!

I hope that I will see a change in how many things are in my time here, and I hope that most of those changes will be for the better.

I am so sorry you suffer, hope you have a better one tomorrow.


Hi Katie,

I haven't "met" you before because I am quite new to this site, but I understand your depression.

We have been talking a lot this week and letting off steam about people who have not been there for us and many people have had the same problems with friends and family like yourself. I have had to cut people off too, sometimes only temporarily until they have apologised and changed their attitude. This is what we have to do to get away from the stress and attitudes we don't need. It's "part of the process", and I'm sure that your true friends will be in contact very soon as they will be worried about you.

Other people just don't know how to handle us and say the most stupid things sometimes or just appear ignorant. But when we feel so crappy, like every day, it makes us more sensitive and a little paranoid in my case. We become tired and depressed so easily. It's really hard to live with the fibro and I am going through a down time at the mo too, but we've got to stay strong for each other and things will be better soon.

Take care and remember there's always cookies and chocolate...


I am so sorry you feel this way. I know what you mean about "I found out who my friends are though". I went through the same thing. People you think are your friends for years turn into enemies or no show, no help people. What kind of medications are you on for your Fibro?

I'm on cymbalta 60mg and flexeril 10 mg for fibro. I wish I could get a solid diagnosis so I could tell you more than just fibro messing up my legs. sorry so short have to run. my theripist appt is today.

@Katie, I like your advice about the cookie and chocolate!!!

Ok. When you have a few minutes if you could, please tell me about your legs. Have a good day. I'm thinking of you!

Hi Katie,

It's nice to meet you. I'm really sorry that you're in such pain and wheelchair bound. Is this a result of the fibro or do you have another illness going on as well? I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out why fibro has put you into a wheelchair due to the pain. I know quite well the level of pain we get, but goodness sakes, you should be able to get SOME pain relief so that you can get around. Have you been to a rheumatologist? Have you been to a pain mgmt center? I'm really concerned about you being stuck in that wheelchair. If you haven't seen specialists, you should because hopefully there would be better pain management out there for you.

If you've already gone that route, what about accupuncture or a good sports massage? Or water exercises for people with arthritis? I just hate to think of you in that kind of pain if help is out there.

Please know that we're here to listen to you and commiserate. We all know the pain of fibro. We're with you on this. You are not alone. I think that once you know others are out there going thru life with the same issues, you may start to feel better again. It really helps to know you're not alone and that others have good advice on how to handle this illness.

Please come back and talk with us. Hopefully you'll start to feel better again. If not, maybe it's also time to revisit a doctor. Maybe some anti-depressants could help with your feelings, although I'm no doctor and can't judge medical stuff.

Take care, Katie. We're here for you.


God bless you and the veterans! I admire all of you because I'm a chicken and would be too afraid what you folks have done. Thank you for your sacrifice, avenk.

Dear Avenk,

The VA is supposed to provide you with counseling, hopefully they have. It does help, my husband is a combat vet, I understand as well as anyone who lives with one can. Only the ones who have lived it truly do. Fortunately some of the Drs and counselors at the VA are combat vets.

Thank you for your service to our country. I hope that you and all vets get the care they deserve.

Hugs to you,


Dear Katie,

Surely many of us, if not all of us could have written this, but it may help you to understand the burden that chronic pain puts on us.

Wishing you a good day,


I don't really know why they are like they are. My doc thinks I have ostioauthritis in my spine and pinched a nerve, but my chiropractor took a look and says she doesn't see anything. I've seen people who describe the symptoms exactly though. They have fibro and cronic fetigue syndrome. So maybe that's it.

Thank you to everyone who was so nice. My case is odd and I still don't know why I am having trouble with my legs. My doc thinks it's authritis (I never could spell), but my chiropractor (who keeps me walking even a little) says she doesn't see anything. So I'm lost and confused. I've seen people who describe the symptoms really well. They have chronic fatigue syndrome so maybe that's it. I don't know I'm gonna go see the doctors at a teaching hospital as soon as I get on my husbands insurance. Hopefully that will be soon. I'm just ready to give up and just stay in the chair. My life is so much better in it and I'm sooooooo tired of struggeling for every little thing.

Katie, I also have osteo in my spine and it's a BEAR. I suspect the pain is compounded by our good friend and companion, fibro. At any rate, I just had a procedure done to lessen the osteo pain by cauterizing some nerves. I've already been through and "failed" PT as well as cortisone shots, so this was the next step. I'm telling you this because perhaps it could be a possibility for treatment for you, although I'm no doctor. I'm posting info on it to let others know how it goes,if they're interested in the procedure.

I almost was put through major back surgery by one unscrupulous doctor who claimed it was nerve pain from a narrowed spinal canal. Countless other doctors have negated that opinion and are appalled that he said that.

I hope this info is helpful to you.

The teaching hosp. sounds like a really good idea. I've heard good things about them. I know it can be difficult to handle life when you don't know exactly what's going on with your body. Hopefully you'll soon find a doctor who can clarify this for you. You will feel more peace of mind when you have the true diagnosis. Please know that it's taken most of us years to get a dx. We understand what you;re going thru.

I don't know if its the fibro or because I have CFS too, but the muscles in my my legs absolutely burn especially going up stairs and hills. Its the same in my arms when I reach up or something, and replacing light bulbs is a night mare. Is this the effect yu are getting in your legs? Or nerve pain? Or something else? It's hard to tell what's what most of the time

Jo, I have the same problems. It is hard to tell. I am so glad we have a one story house now. I would have been in deep sh** if we had stairs. And it is hard for me to do things like dry my hair, or anything where I have to hold my arms over my head. Right now, I am hurting pretty bad as I have had a busy few days and am paying for it. I don’t know what it is- its pretty scary but I have gotten to the point where I just say that it is another symptom of the fibro cuz I don’t want to go to any more doctors and have them look at me like I am crazy and tell me there is nothing wrong with me. Hugs, MB

Yes exactly, thats what I do, but it's worrying coz one day it could be something serious and we ignore it.

Hugs too


I worry too especially since I am getting old. :frowning: But I was so healthy and active before and it seems like my body just quit on me.

Errrrrr you're not old MB sweetie. Old is over 80 which is what I feel. That sounded wrong but I know what I meant. lol