I'm trying to get on disability. I have Fm and osteoarthritis and depression. I found out that I have carpal tunnel in my right hand yesterday. (I'm right handed) I can't sit or stand for long peroids of time. (bad ankles and feet). I'm on Lyrica, Symbyax and it makes me very drowsy. Also on vitiamin D, and DHEA. I'm doing everything my pcp is suggesting. Physical therapy, mental therapy, I see a RA dr as well. They both suggested water excersise which I am in also. Everything I'm doing is still causing alot of pain. My pcp is thinking of sending me to a pain management dr. I need one of my drs to write out that I'm disabled for my lawyer to take my disability case. And I'm having a hard time getting any of these drs to write it. Should I be looking for a new pcp? With the fibro fog, and the pain, and everything else. I can't get a job, I have a license as a manicurist and I used to be a bank teller, but the pain is too much to do either of these anymore. Can someone please give me some advice?

Its been a long time since I was finally awarded disability but I have heard many people talk since then and listened to lots of comments.

I hate what we have to do to prove we are so sick since they refuse to get testing to show what is going on with us or allow what tests they can do to be part of the disability process ! Makes me very mad.

I do not have depression. Not clinical anyway. BUT this darn mess coupled with ME/CFIDS will make anyone depressed. Even though I had many doctor reports the final award came back as Depression. I would milk that all the way to the bank if that is what it takes to get them to understand. Though serotoin and dopamine systems are involved, fibromyalgia is not depression but if they want to label it that in order to get your disability you deserve then head in that direction! I was livid, but my attorney asked me if I got my check... and I did.

I forget the name of it, but the Pain Clinic had a functional test. Something that would prove I could not function well. I remember them wanting me to stoop... ha... bend... ha.... the list got crazier. With physical therapy when a cold front happened and my collagen froze up, I could not even do leg lifts without them holding my legs to assit me. Often I had to use my left arm to raise my right arm to bring food to my mouth. Its that kind of report they need to see. The pain management doctor may be able to fill one out.

It is interesting that you say you are a manicurist, that is one of the jobs involved in art that so many of us participate in. Art and connective tissue diseases are located on our genes and if you asked everyone registered here you would see many patterns of who are sick. This is not hard to figure out.

Often I have heard people in a support group talk about WHAT doctors were helpful getting their paperwork done and which ones were not. IF you have a support group in your area, I would go that route... see who is willing tohelp you and others. My main doc drug his feet and I don't think ever got it filled out. I was lucky I had several. The psycologist helped because I kept forgetting appointments though I had a big calendar in my room. I had no idea what day it was some times so...

All of those kinds of notes, help get it through. I would stress the depression - they seem to love that word and care less about our pain or ability to function.

(P.S. just so you know when I went to the desert of Peru, in 6 weeks I walked out of a wheelchair, had no need for a walker or a cane, hated the place, super depressed for a long time over a bad relationship but had NO fibro at all and the Me/CFIDS as well under control. Its about your skin and your thyroid but that won't get you disability... sadly.)

I wish you well. Cheryl/ "Hop"

I am just about to start the disability process myself. I have fibro,L4 L5 and S1 are all herniated with significant nerve root pressure, and Trigeminal Nueralgia. This is a very daunting process for me. And i am not looking firward to it. My pcp said shes behind me in the process, but she doesnt really have much to do with it. As Iam on an indigent care plan for medical coverage, I have to take what i get. Im also waiting to hear from the university hospital in denver to see if they will take on me as a carity case.
I am a salon managerand stylist as well. Single mom prividing the onlysource of income to my household. I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. This is a very necessary process but very scary at the same time! I will be praying for you.

I got a lot of help from this website too. It can be a long tough fight, but you can get there. It took me 4 years and a very good and persistant attorney. Anything I can do to help - you just let me know. My experience is fairly recent.

Here's my list of suggestions:

1) Make sure you start by putting together a log of all your doctors visits - include the date, any changes to meds, suggested treatments. Keep track of diagnosic tests too. I found this was very helpful. I brought this to every doctors visit so they could see what the other doctors were doing and saying.

2) After each doctors visit ask for a copy of doctors notes (you may have to wait a week or so to get them). Check them to be accurate. Make sure they are documenting what you're telling them.

3) Be specific about how your Fibro, OA, etc. is limiting what you can do for yourself. If you need to ask people to drive you to doctors, if you can't dress yourself, can't make meals, can't shop for yourself... etc. Make a list. Make sure the doctors know that you can't stand for more than 5 minutes, etc.

4) Get a good attorney - one with a proven track record for winning SSDI cases. Don't go with the ones that advertise on TV - go to the disabilitydigest website and get a recommendation from Brian Therrin. I ended up winning my case because of the attorney he recommended to me. I swear by his website!!


John "JC" Colyer said:

Try here http://www.thedisabilitydigest.com/1A.html ,maybe they can help you.

Stay Strong!

Do you see a rheumatologist? That type of doctor might be more experienced in filling out the paperwork for your disabilities. I personally haven’t had any luck with pcps. Mine “fired” me from her practice because she disliked paperwork!

I wish you only the best of luck and am hopeful that you will be able to manage your pain soon and feel a little better.

Take care,

Well now have an appoitment with a dr that specializes in fibro on June 11!!. My pcp, mental therapist, ra dr, and physical therapist won't write me a letter of disablity. And my pcp makes me feel like I'm a druggy!! The most she will give me and I almost have to beg is vicodin 500s!! i understand that she doent want me addicted but I want the pain to go away!I have alot of stress right now and pain meds help ease the pain. It doesn't get rid of it. It just makes it tolerable. My oldest daughter is getting married June 30th and my youngest daughter is having her second baby June 20th! (shes the maid of honor) sorry for whinning so much. Just sometimes it feels good to get it out.

Hope you get a better experience with the fibro doctor. One thing I've learned is you have to be your own advocate. If your PCP is not helping you - find another one. Find doctors who support you and will do what needs to be done. A good pain management doctor is a great resource. I also hope you've checked out the disability digest website. There is so much great info there and it will help you win this battle.